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June 11, 2001, 7:20 pm, Answers in Genesis' Skip Tilton, AiG's Museum Director. Skip was our special speaker for our 6th Annual ARK Banquet. Skip covered all the processes AiG has used for their museum and their solutions (and lessons learned) since they started. He also covered future plans and how we (ARKY) fit in. Read all about the AiG Family Museum plans. Our planned museum adds, not subtracts. The complete story is be transcribed. Program schedules/directions for other events! All ARK meetings on each 2nd Monday.

This was an 10, a great talk that lasted over 90 minutes and the crowd loved it!

Our featured speaker was Skip Tilton who gave an excellent full presentation on why AiG and ARK are in this ministry. Then he described how their museum was planned to accomplish its goals and how they have succeeded. Finally, he described in detail that ARK should continue their museum goal and how to accomplish it. He also told ARK how AiG can and will help with advice, contacts, lessons learned, and exhibits.

Complete transcript of taped talk will be added here as soon as our volunteer can complete it.

Outline of talk on: "Building for the Future"
  • I. Relevance of building a creation museum
  • A. AiG museum
  • B. ARK Foundation museum
  • II. Planning process of a museum project
  • A. mission statement
    1. philosophy of construction
  • B. phases of preparation
    1. initial concept
    2. programming
    3. schematic design
    4. design development
    5. construction documents

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