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Common Questions and Answers about proposed ARK Museum

Q: Hasn't ARK asked for money before? What is different this time?

A: This is our first major fundraiser. A successful fundraising will result in achieving a real museum/bookstore location to carry out further operations.

Q: What percentage of the donations will really go to this project?

A: 100% of all donations will go to this project. They will buy the building, update it, refurbish it, furnish it, or support other museum efforts that help us make it better. There are no salaries being paid or fees taken out.

Q: Is this donation to ARK tax deductible?

A: Yes, we are a Biblical Creation Science and History group, 501 (c ) (3) [non-profit] group fully recognized by the IRS.

Q: Will I get a tax-deductible receipt for my donation?

A: You will get a receipt if you donate more than $10.00 and provide your correct address. Otherwise, just call it a cash donation. You don't have to give us your address, etc. if you want to remain anonymous.

Q: Is this legal? We've all read about chain mail. Those at the end of the chain get nothing. Those are illegal because they promise something that can't be delivered to everyone and provide no services.

A: What ARK is proposing is legal. It is a bold request for funds AND asking you to help us beyond cash contribution that you may give. You can help even without cash and the cash requested is small. Your prayers and recommendations help more than cash.

Q: What does ARK believe and support?

A: We believe in a fair hearing of the facts and have concluded that the evidence for a young earth, 6-day creation, by an intelligent designer, is a viewpoint needing public attention. A set of public museum is the best permanent solution in conjunction with other means of communication. After 6 years we are positioned to be effective in this ministry and to become a supporter of other ministries. In fact, our policy has been to give 10% of our membership support away every year. We will continue to support a national effort (AiG in all years past) with 10% of our donations in the future.

Q: What is special about your planned location?

A: We have a great-proposed location we can get with your immediate help. Location, location, location is important! It is directly across from the Air Force museum (1.2 million visitors last year and growing, their third building just started construction in June 2001). It has 4 lane access roads from two directions and is a well known location. The picture above is the building from the stoplight exiting the Air Force Museum.

Q: Isn't this too close to the new AiG museum in Kentucky?

A: Not according to AiG! Not only are they different locations, they have difference themes planned. ARK's theme is around Noah's ARK and the before and after. We can still cover all aspects of history, the Bible, the Gospel, and now while being a totally different experience. For instance, AiG does many full size dinosaurs, like Buddy Davis's Stegosaurus first shown at their ground breaking this past March 17, 2001. We would do only the juvenile ones, since that is what would have been on the Ark.

Q: Can ARK really use a building at this time effectively?

A: We are unable to accomplish many opportunities now because we don't have a facility to do them in. We can do the following almost immediately: Biblical Creation Science and History bookstore, work areas to develop displays, storage space, artist work area, and meeting rooms available for our meetings and other Christian groups.

Q: Why can't ARK just keep on doing what it is doing without a building?

A: We have grown too big. There is no "free" space available. The garage and basement of the founder, Ron and Brenda Cooper, won't hold the gifts we have received to establish a bookstore. Nor is there space to work inside on items for the new ARK trailer.

Q: Will this do everything ARK wants to do now?

A: This is everything we could do now, but additional follow-up projects are needed to maximize the building's effectiveness. A handicap access ramp is the first big project and will allow movement between floors of large objects and also provide a wall for a prominent museum art work and sign. This is the necessary next step which will allow other projects to be possible. Obviously, other large cash donations will be needed as well as regular support for utilities, insurance, etc. until we can make this a self-sufficient operation.

Q: First, why buy the building? A: ARK has grown as large as it can using an already full garage. A permanent and larger facility is needed for: office spaces so others can help, storage space, establish a permanent bookstore location, and create working areas for display building. We also have an artist who has the talent and experience build juvenile dinosaurs, or other materials, but no physical space.
Q: How about the fixtures and furniture that will be needed? A: We have been given all the basic fixtures we need to furnish a bookstore immediately and we have the saleable stock to put in it. We have some exhibit material that needs to be done, but have no place to work on it..
Q: How does this support other museum efforts.

A: We have been given the right to use excess exhibits from Answers in Genesis and rotating ones when we have space for them. We have an excellent location selected to promote the Biblical worldview and AiG's new museum. Our museum will be different than AiG's. Our story will focus on a different part of the history and science in the Bible. The Noah's Ark and its related items are a prime example. Each location will be a mutual-supporting museum for the other.

Q: Wouldn't Dayton be too close to the proposed Answers in Genesis museum in northern Kentucky.

A: You would not have to drive an hour and a half to go to a creation museum, if one was available locally. Schools would be more likely to bus kids 15 minutes for a quality museum.

A: Paraphrasing Ken Ham when ARK started in 1995, AiG believes every state should have a major effort to influence their community. We will just be the first in this area and one of a system of such learning centers!

Q: Is this a good investment, considering that other museums are available?

A: Evolutionists think their museums are very good investments. They have been very effective. They also believe you should just learn from them. These museuns have no competition in this arena of ideas about origins, and they present only their biased viewpoint.

Q: Wouldn't this just duplicate efforts?

A: It is supportive, not conflicting. Ours would have a different theme and focus as well as location, yet have a synergistic effort. Our location would support Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and points north.

Q: Who will be in charge of the ARK efforts?

A: The new ARK Founders Club group, the current ARK Trustees, and advice from groups like Answers in Genesis. These groups will also be asked to assist in the planning process and the follow up activities. The current training is to build confidence and group skills. While anyone can participate, some will rise to the top to lead key activities. The experienced sources will be used to the maximum extent possible.

It is also time to consider your financial role. ARK will have to raise the funds through all the means we can. Word of mouth is the best. Itís time to speak up.
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