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ARK's Bold Move, a real Museum. This needs your FINANCIAL help and you need information. Here is the plan. Please send ARK questions if not answered otherwise. If your are interested, please take actions soon.
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How You Can Help Action Steps

Pray. Actions like this need our Heavenly Father's blessings. Ask for them now.

Ask Questions. Now. It is time for action and you need to ask questions if you have any that are not answered here. The published answers will help others who may have the same questions.

Tell others. It is YOUR recommendation to others that will help most in this project. We need to build a large base of support quickly. It has been mathematically proven that if we follow the tentacles of who we know, then who they know, 10 times we can reach the world's population. That's because some people know others far away and some people know a lot of people. Your recommendation can carry a lot of influence.

Support ARK financially as you are able and consider a monthly pledge. Our expenses are going up as we do more. We now need your membership renewals and donations, or we must stop expanding our outreach.

The Simple Plan, Restated in More Detail

Either someone gives us everything ARK needs now OR, most of you support this bold new plan to raise awareness and money. This can be done with a minimum of cash from everyone. You can represent 39 other people via referrals (40 with yourself). That's $200, if all four levels of your chain just give $5. That is a very good test of referrals and is why you need to understand and support our plan for it to work. None of your referrals are shared with other groups and they can be left off our lists for the future, if they desire. But we hope you and others will want to follow our progress and share in it.

The plan is for you to personally give (at least) $5 and recommend the project to (at least) 3 others who you ask to do the same thing. If they each recommend to 3 others who recommend to 3, 40 people will then be involved, informed supporters. Telling more than 3 will help keep the average at 3 or more, since everyone can't afford $5 or can't/won't recommend our project. The total minimum giving would then be $200 for those 40, BUT it depends on your informed recommendation, more than it does on your $5 personal donation.

Good candidates to recommend to are your church family, personal family, neighbors, and work associates. Just one from each category gives you four to recommend to. Some may be able to give more and are encouraged to.

Remember the sequence of actions: pray, read plan, ask questions, donate as you are led, recommend plan (answer their questions and follow up with them), stay informed, watch results from those you contacted and from our summary results.

If you have questions, please let use know them. You can make a difference now if your recommendations are passed on quickly (and further recommended) to two more levels, 40 people would be contacted and if all participate, at least $200 would be raised. Contacting people and expanding our base is the essential multiplication factor.

Please take these actions NOW. You are among the first to receive this. It will take at least one week for each level to be able to respond. Your answer should be easiest, since you are closest to knowing ARK. Please respond now by going through the steps.

Since those who receive this as a referral may not be on our information lists, the results will be posted on our web page at for viewing and sent in future NEWS@ARKY.ORG Email group messages.

If cash is send because you wish to remain anonymous, place it inside paper folded around it. Send ALL donations and questions to the address below and copy and forward this message to at least three people who you think would be interested in helping.

The address to send any contributions to is:

The ARK Foundation of Dayton
PO Box 33071
Dayton OH 45433-0071

This is a bold request on our part, but remember Nehemiah was bold in his request to rebuild Jerusalem's walls. He used the secular world and the people to accomplish his task. We believe there are enough who will say YES to supporting God's Word as true to make this happen in Dayton by September for all four levels.

There may be some that want to continue beyond this one-time event to maintain our gains. Just let us know by sending your mailing address and Email address with your donation and let us know how you would like to help. If you would like to join our Young Earth Email group (NEWS@ARKY.ORG), send your name and address via Email to

How to Participate in ARK's Ministry

Do one or more of the following:
  1. Sign up for the Email group. Send your name and address to and asked to be added to creation news and/or home school news group.
  2. Send your questions. Others will have the same concerns about this project and all can get answers sooner.
  3. Look at our web page,, frequently for additional information and updates.
  4. Make a donation, of any size, and send to: The ARK Foundation of Dayton, PO Box 33071, Dayton Oh 45433-0071.
  5. When you can recommend this BOLD project described in this newsletter, send your recommendation and a copy of this information to at least three people (if you can) and ask them to consider this same process.
  6. Consider a regular pledge to get this project moving after the building is obtained.
  7. Become an ARK member. Membership pays the bills and allows you to be a regular recipient of news and articles.

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