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A Bold Move at ARK is now in progress. Look at each of the section links below for details and status. This building has become our bookstore and will be our operations center. Please visit this link to find out more. Check out the various sections as we use this building and see what you think. If you would like to assist in this tremendious effort, write us at our Email or mail us a letter with your questions or comments. We are looking for people to provide support and to consider membership. With good help and planning, we are aiming to have a Grand Opening the last week of August, if we can get most things done.

Things to do: [Volunteer leader in brackets who needs the help]
  • Add a large carport for our trailer in the back (on left). [L&G Construction]
    • Need laborers when building on Saturdays and evenings.
    • Build privacy fence on back.
    • Get other framing materials installed.
  • Outside work: [no volunteer yet]
    • Dig car tracks and build forms for vehicle pulling in a trailer. (Also can be used as a volunteer parking space.)
    • Gravel and concrete in vehicle tracks in side yard.
    • Install awnings.
  • Electrical work: [Tom Bough]
    • Upgrade electric circuits for A/C. and 3 wire plugs.
    • Add telephone extension wiring for office and store desk.
    • Install light and 30 amp circuit to plug trailer into.
    • Wire basement bathroom.
    • Upgrade entire electric servive entrance and board to allow other electrical functions.
  • Computer/Network work:
    • Add networking wirings for computers. [Mitch Carroll]
    • Obtain and install PCs and network them.
    • Maintain system.
    • Help with web site.
  • Indoor work:
    • Complete basement bathroom plumbing.
    • Install basement drywall to finish bathroom.
    • Install back flow preventor and any city required changes.
    • Build displays and obtain needed equipment to use them well.
  • Complete landscaping: [Diane Silver]
    • Level dirt in front and side yard.
    • Dig out walkway for wood chips.
    • Plant plants in several planned areas.
    • Sow grass seed and lay straw.
    • Improve small grass strips by house.
    • Strip our 4 parking spaces in front of store.
  • Things to do (minor):
    • Finish setup of inside rooms.
    • Install Air Conditioners in rooms or whole house system.
    • Organize office space.
    • Install mail slot into front closet.
  • Regular things to be done:
    • Volunteer to help in the store. Prefer 4 hour shifts.
    • Mow lawn.
    • Clean occasionally.
    • Unpack packages and process them.
  • Things done:
    • Dig holes for carport support posts and cemented them in.
    • Lower side yard for vehicle pulling in a trailer and move dirt to front. (Also can be used as a member parking space.
    • Complete sign design, city approvals, and construction (SignWave has done all our signs).
    • Need to get permits.
    • Need engineered trusses ordered.
    • Variance approval complete (6/16/03) This was an unbudgeted cost required by the city and the bill has not come in yet.
    • Finish zoning approvals to use basement [Complete. Required an appeal.]
    • Remove tree and bushes in front. (The Craft family has done all this work with some help from the Passage family).
    • Tear down existing carport. [Complete and sold]

Carport in progress (The barn)

Temporary sign for ARKY's Bookstore and inprocess front landscape

Graded side for volunteer parking space and loading trailer.

ARKY's Gift Store Section.

Here is the property we have bought (made down payment on). This gives ARK about 500 SF for a public bookstore, another 700+ SF for volunteer offices, a parking/working area to the left of the picture for our second trailer (10 seat special effects theater), 4 customer parking spaces, and storage/working space for display development. It took about 5 months to get the zoning permit approved, before we finalized the deal.
This is the front half of the above building. It is zoned commercial on a busy 5 lane throughfare of Dayton. It is in a safe neighborhood. The neighboring business (The Tin Shop) has agreed to allow us to use their parking lot for evening events and overflow parking. And we can get to a mailbox easily. We have removed the bushes and large tree (Craft Family and Steve Passage) in previous picture.

We like this choice. Dayton zoning has allowed its current zoning to be a bookstore. The additional expense was getting an architect to do plans on an existing building. That is to say, after plans were submitted and discussed, plans did not create a "change of use" status and very minimal changes will be needed beyond what we want to do.

Costs expected are close to what we can foresee available. The challege gift drive raised sufficent funds to get this going. Every donation and volunteer hour we can get will make the difference as we continue this project. Call (937) 256-2759 (ARKY) or Email us for details.

ARK's Bold Move, a real Bookstore/Office/Display Center. This needs your help and you need information. Here is an old summary that gives background.
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