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ARK Foundation Membership Benefits
  1. A 30% discount on all purchases from ARK with your membership card; 
  2. Quarterly newsletter: also received by all members is our quarterly newsletter with news, articles, and plans;
  3. Quarterly newsletter: available as an outreach to everyone via this web site;
  4. National support: 10% of membership is given to Answers in Genesis, our voluntary support for a national Biblical creation science organization;
  5. A 10% discount on tickets to the Creation Museum by showing their current member card.
  6. Web page at www.arky.org providing logical, Biblical information to a world saturated with an unbiblical, ill-suited naturalism is for paid by member support; 
  7. Monthly ARK meetings with interesting speakers on a variety of subjects, provided FREE to the community; 
  8. Major speaker programs sponsored into the area or promoted by ARK; 
  9. Local speakers available for community and church events; 
  10. Encouragement for belief in the Biblical Creator; 
  11. Answers: Sending truthful information to the community through our many efforts, including pages listed under the Search For The Truth Banner in the Christian Citizen, Email questions, phone questions, etc.; 
  12. An opportunity to serve in these activities or just financially support, by choice, not chance; 
  13. Leadership training: New Founders Council program (since Oct 1999) is an opportunity to learn how to serve in your church or school or study group for everyone. For selected individuals even more leadership formal training will be offered, including testing and peer reviews; 
  14. Public materials made available: Your support enables books, video, and audios to be made readily available for the public that would not be available otherwise. 
Who We Are
The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc. is a independent local Biblical Creation Science and history group, also known as ARKY (getting Absolute Real Knowledge (ARK) and You together) because the Bible is the only known absolute source of knowledge and it is for you. We believe it is the best starting point for wisdom. ARKY is promoting an increase in knowledge of the facts in favor of creation by God and the problems (usually unstated in schools and the press) with evolution. We also promote education on the founding documents of the United States and the historical backgrounds of those who God used to build our nation, in our strong and weak moments. We promote and educate via: monthly meetings, monthly newsletter, sending speakers to invited locations, selling Biblical, creation, science, and history materials, and having a vision to build a Biblical Worldview  for individuals, families, Churches, and our government leadership.
Statement of Faith
We believe in the Word of God as stated in the Bible to be literal in context or as interpreted by itself. Specifically we believe the Genesis account of a six day literal creation and the seven day week with a rest day to admire and reflect on the works, design, and wonder of those six days, death coming as a result of Sin, a global flood, and the Hope of the Resurrection. We believe Biblical Truth first, scientific theory second, especially since it defines itself as always changing. 

We believe good science flows from an honest understanding of Biblical Truth and in questionable areas is a servant of the Bible. We believe God is who He says He is and are committed to exposing these truths to the general public. 

We meet every 2nd Monday in an educational meeting featuring creation speakers, usually within 50 miles. We also sponsor more prominent speakers.  Usually meetings are at our Bookstore Building featured on this site.
Why a web site?
This site, as a virtual museum, is to begin the planning for the real museum. Since this is a major project, extensive support is needed. This is a long term project. If you visit this site regularly, you will note the regular changes and additions. We are a volunteer group and if you would like to volunteer for any role or have questions, let us know. 
Who do we support
ARKY supports 
  1. The entire family! Let's learn about what it takes to gain a complete knowledge of science and history. Open minded people should not assume away what they do not know. We are NOT going to assume away God. That is the heart of the difference in this little museum and a "natural science" environment. 
  2. Answers in Genesis! Ten percent of all membership dues are given to AiG. It is our support to a national and international creation ministry. We believe exactly as they do, but do our ministry on the local southwestern Ohio and Southeastern Indiana areas.
  3. We promote trips to the Creation Museum and provide discount (group rate without needing a full group) tickets to use at any time during the year.
  4. We buy materials from other like minded ministries and by that method also support their efforts. 
  5. The Christian Communications networks in their effort to raise the spiritual level of our community (and country). 
We intend to be intellectually honest. We will not assume away God. This is a place to gain knowledge of science and history from a Biblical point of view. 
The facts of science and history are supportive of the Biblical record. We DON'T assume away God by definition; we keep a consistent priority on the Bible. Theoretical science will change. As science gains more knowledge, the closer it gets to the unchanging God of the Bible. 
If you would like to apply for membership to The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc., mail our member application to us and help us make what we do today more effective and someday make the virtual museum a real physical place in Southwest Ohio. 
ARK Vision:  The ARK vision is to enable and help build a Biblical Worldview for individuals, families, Churches, and our government leadership. This raises the spiritual and educational awareness of our communities of the truthfulness and reliability of the Bible supported by the Bible, history, and science. We promote Biblical Creation Science & History Museums like the Creation Museum in Kentucky. We hope for our own consistent museum, either in an existing facility or one built in the size and shape of Noah's ARK. Using the ancient cubit (24.05" - historical range varies from about 15.85" to 25.02") and adding a basement for administration means it would be over 200,000 sq. ft.
ARK Mission:  Evangelize by attracting and leading people to a legitimate belief of the Bible for their lives. Encourage: Show that our faith does not end with science. Educate: Develop people to understand the honest design found in God's creation. Equip: Empower people for service in their churches, homes, and community with confidence, information, and expertise about science, history, and Biblical knowledge.
ARK Methods:  We will show this by all effective means available and train others to defend these truths by leadership, scholarship, and making tools available for education and entertainment. Roles needed are:
  • Board: Pray, Encourage, Oversee, Correct, Fund Raising, Direction, Vision.
  • Chairman: Coordination, Administration, Leadership.
  • Officers: Assist Chairman and board.
  • AFC: The ARK Founders Club is the Advisors and Leaders responsible and accountable for actions of other Groups and activities within ARK. They are also first and foremost those wanting to learn and teach others about the valid information available in great abundance today on Biblical Creation Science and History.
  • Supporters: Pray, finance, learn, encourage, train, and volunteer.
  • This is not a geographically restricted plan. Each person can have a part in it from where ever they are by correspondence, building/making needed items, starting area groups, fundraising, attending, and participating in meetings, etc. In other words, you can buy a Ford without living in Detroit! You can help without being here and we thank you for being willing.

    Goal:  We are building up the knowledge of our Creator for the Glory of our Lord.
    Motto:  We know our Lord is our Creator.

    Bible verses on Creation

    Directors  Ronnie E. Cooper
    Mark Jurkovich
    Jeannie Day
    Adrian Rose
    Sheridan King
    President  Ronnie E. Cooper 
    Treasurer  Marvin Jones
    Financial Secretary
    Brenda S. Cooper
    Patti Barnett
    Chief Scientist
    Empty position

    Supported by members of The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc. a nonprofit organization since June 1995. We support true science and Biblical religion. Email: ARKY Webmaster to send comments about this site. This site is scanned for viruses daily. This document was last modified 9/21/2015 11:59:40 AM
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