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Search for the Truth Series by Bruce Malone is being added one at a time until we complete the series. Index listed.
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Always note upcoming programs for our monthly meetings every 2nd Monday of the month. This section changes very frequently to keep current events posted.
Two free issues are send on request. Just give us a good complete address and phone #. Look at our new Stories from the Internet, Quotes & Quips here, as well as interviews, Poems, sermons, and editorials. Interviews have been expanded and grouped to select any on one person. The Award winning Christian Citizen USA is where many of our articles are published each month.
Secure site NOW on line for purchases! Alphabetic catalog. (294KB) Complete alphabetic listings (one file) is now available. All dinosaurs resources now posted separately, as well as WallBuilders materials.
Constantly adding, List is broken into Christian and Creation Science groups, plus interesting other ones. IF YOUR CHURCH WOULD LIKE TO BE PART OF OUR SITE, LET US KNOW. You must support a Biblical viewpoint and a literal young earth creation to have or give unqualified support.
Home School
Lists known HS groups and good articles and links for home schooling.
Learn how to do a web site. If you would like to help with ours, let us know. This goes especially for kids. We would like childred to be involved in building the children's museum as much as possible.

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