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The ARK Foundation Bookstore

The ARK Bookstore is open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. We have a public meeting at 6:30 p. m. until 8:35 pm every second Monday and have either a great DVD or a physical speaker program. Check out our events web page for current schedule.

ARKY's Bookstore is handling the largest selection of Creation Science materials, Books, DVDs, Audios, Transcripts, available in this area and the complete line of Wallbuilders materials, the finest Christian historical materials available, to understand the United States' Christian Heritage and how our history is being rewritten to write out that Christian viewpoint.

You may also call (937) 256-2759 (ARKY) between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to purchase our materials.

Please look over our extensive selection of materials (almost 1250 items listed) in our on-line bookstore. You may print out a order form and mail it in after making your selections. Contact ARKY Webmaster if you have a problem or a question, so we can get it corrected.
You can see views of the building changes in process by clicking on the map. We opened the bookstore August 25, 2003. The address on the map at left is 2002 S Smithville Rd, Dayton, OH. Please visit this link to see more views of this work.
It is located in Dayton, OH about one mile south of US 35.

A view of the inside of our Bookstore. A Bold Move at ARK is now in progress. This ONE building is our HQ, and bookstore.

All items listed can be ordered for convenient purchase using your VISA Card, Master Card, or Discover Card with our mail in order form.  You may Email US an advance notice of your order while we wait for the mail (and get any items out of stock) or have us call you to get a secure connection for credit info. Just put some verification note, word in your Email to validate by. If demand increases to support costs, we will consider going back to online orders.

Membership form to join ARK. Use Order form to buy items through the mail. We accept personal checks, VISA, Master Card, and Discover.

The entire Search for the Truth series by Bruce A. Malone in now available as a beautiful, professional produced book. ARK is offering this unsurpassed NEW book as a fund raising effort for our new building project.

Just make a donation of at least $15.00 to our project and receive this NEW book as our gift to you. You may also just buy Search for the Truth directly.

Do you have credible answers to logical questions about reality and Christianity?

  • How do dinosaurs fit into Christianity?
  • Why would God say creation was, "Very Good," if Adam and Eve were proceeded by millions of years of death and suffering?
  • Where did Cain find a wife?
  • Has modern science proven the Bible wrong?
  • What about ice ages, radiocarbon dating, ape-men, fossils, and the big bang?
We have listed many of these articles for years on our site. Now the COMPLETE set is available for your generious donation. Extensively illustrated with world class editorial cartoons!
We have the largest selection of creation material in anywhere we have seen and certainly Southwest Ohio. At least 1/2 of the complete list above is in stock, especially the popular items! Making this material available is part of our ministry. We are able to stock these because of our membership and donations. Christian Bookstore stock only a few of these items.

Please consider the materials available from ARK. We offer SPECIAL RATES to our members. Members always receive at least 20% discount, sometimes more. Top

Special Offers of 25% of selected items are offerred at each meeting as an attendence special. The periodic conferences we sponsor will also have specials.

Supported by: The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc. a non profit organization since June 1995, We support true science, actual history, and Biblical religion. Email: ARKY Webmaster This site is scanned for viruses daily.