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  • D is for Dinosaur, Unique, humorous animation!
    Category: Child, By: Ham, Ken and Mally-=- Retail Price: 7.99-=- ARKY Price: 6.19
    Catalog#: 2065, Length: 15, Ages: Age 4 to 8, Type: DVD
  • A very colorful, illustrated presentation with animation. A young Australian girl reads the rhymes as children see the pages of the book come to life. Children love it! This helps children learn the true history of the world.
  • D is for Dinosaur, Noah's Ark and the Genesis Flood
    Category: Child, By: Ham, Ken and Mally-=- Retail Price: 16.99-=- ARKY Price: 12.74
    Catalog#: 6424, Length: 84, Ages: Age 4 to 8, Type: Hardback book
  • This classic education series for pre-school to 2nd grade is re-designed for even better learning! Brilliant new illustrations enhance rhymes and learning exercises within a spiral-bound easel book format designed to make teaching much easier. Includes a structured learning student section and a helpful reference section for parents or educators that can be modified for any educational setting. Focuses on developing skills like memorization, discussion, and even activities to apply their understanding of foundational lessons. Kids will enjoy the delightful verses as well.
  • Dinosaur Activity Book, Wonders of God's World, The
    Category: Activity, By: Snellenberger, Earl & Bonita-=- Retail Price: 9.99-=- ARKY Price: 7.49
    Catalog#: 4672, Length: 128, Ages: Child, Type: Softback book
  • Create your own dinosaur mini-movies. Play the dinosaur migration game, and more! Educational and entertaining-- includes mazes, puzzles, word finds, games, and other skill challenges. Dozens of hands-on and skill-building activities for a variety of age levels. BONUS FEATURE: Color insert is an all-in-one reference to some of the most amazing dinosaurs--including size comparisons.
  • Dinosaur Challenges and Mysteries, How the Genesis Flood makes sense of dinosaur evidece including tracks, nests, eggs, and scavenged bones
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: Oard, Michael-=- Retail Price: 19.00-=- ARKY Price: 11.40
    Catalog#: 7167, Length: 175, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Hardback book
  • Uncover new and mysterious dinosaur evidence being discovered around the world, including their tracks, nests, eggs, and bones. Let a dinosaur expert show you how the Genesis Flood explains the discoveries--and the mysteries. Beautifully presented in full colour with amazing pictures and drawings.
  • Dinosaur Delusion, The, Dismantling Evolution's Most Cherished Icon
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: Lyons, Eric; Butt, Kyle-=- Retail Price: 10.95-=- ARKY Price: 8.76
    Catalog#: 6872, Length: 248, Ages: High school/Adult, Type: Softback book
  • This effectively refutes the erroneous concept that dinosaurs lived millions of years before humans. The cumulative evidence presented by the authors provides an irrefutable case that humans and dinosaurs coexisted on the earth in the past.
  • Dinosaur stickers sheets, 350 stickers on 10 sheets
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: Ollie's-=- Retail Price: 4.99-=- ARKY Price: 2.99
    Catalog#: 7293, Length: 10, Ages: Child, Type: Stickers
  • Great for party favors, teachers, collectors and more. Lots of different sizes.
  • Dinosaurs, Pocket Guide
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: AIG-=- Retail Price: 5.99-=- ARKY Price: 4.64
    Catalog#: 5718, Length: 96, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Softback book
  • Museums, media, and schools all proclaim that dinosaurs died millions of years ago. They also teach that the birds in your backyard are actually descendents of dinosaurs. But what is the truth? Only when we start with the Bible can we understand the true history of dinosaurs.
  • Dinosaurs Marvels of God's Design, Science of the Biblical Story, The
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: Clarey, Timothy-=- Retail Price: 29.99-=- ARKY Price: 22.49
    Catalog#: 7665, Length: 224, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Hardback book
  • A thoroughly researched, definitive guide to dinosaurs for Christian Readers. This book fills a critical need for sound science about dinosaurs, from a biblical viewpoint, focusing on the five major dinosaur groups. Dinosaurs are in the news every day, in museums, and on "science" channels. Unfortunately, these portrayals always push an evolutionary agenda. This book counter those arguments with solid, accurate, and biblically based science. It is especially important for the Christian student about to embark for college. This book explains the latest findings in dinosaur biology, behavior, extinction, and more. It covers the complete spectrum of dinosaur related topics, from the earliest dinosaur discoveries to debate over why they went extinct. Provides a visually stunning, dynamic exploration into the history of dinosaurs through the most current discoveries few have seen before!
  • Dinosaurs by Design,
    Category: Child, By: Gish, Dr. Duane-=- Retail Price: 15.99-=- ARKY Price: 11.99
    Catalog#: 29, Length: 88, Ages: Child, Type: Hardback book
  • This has been called the "answer" to Jurassic Park! Everything you want to know about dinosaurs and how they relate to the Bible. The presentation and interest level of this book surpasses almost every secular/evolutionary dinosaur book available. Scriptures quoted from the NKJV.
  • Dinosaurs of Eden,
    Category: Child, By: Ham, Ken-=- Retail Price: 13.99-=- ARKY Price: 10.49
    Catalog#: 1562, Length: 64, Ages: Age Ten & up, Type: Hardback book
  • Two teenagers traveling through time discover facts about dinosaurs in many eras. From their creation on Day 6, and in the Garden of Eden, many kinds of dinosaurs can be seen. Noah had to have taken them on the ark, Job describes them as fully alive later, and some may still be around today. Scripture and historical information are intertwined to present a factual account of history from the creation to the judgment by way of salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Dinosaurs on Display,
    Category: Origins, By: Thomas, Brian-=- Retail Price: 9.99-=- ARKY Price: 7.99
    Catalog#: 8050, Length: 46, Ages: High school/Adult, Type: DVD
  • What happened to the dinosaurs? Were they designed? What can we learn from their fossils? This is a remarkable tour sharing fascinating facts about how fossils confirm biblical creation and the Genesis Flood. Experience an up-close view of fossilized dinosaurs, mosasaurs, pterosaurs, and other captivating creatures. Learn about: God's expert design in dinosaurs; How creatures adapt only within their kinds; New research explained; Inaccurate evolutionary teachings; The watery destruction of the Flood; Discover what secular museums don't tell you about fossils and hear how science confirms the truth of Genesis.
  • Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel, 2 DVDs, 2 parts.
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: Ham, Ken & Davis, Buddy-=- Retail Price: 14.99-=- ARKY Price: 11.62
    Catalog#: 3293, Length: 60, Ages: Pre-School, Type: DVD
  • Packed with music and fun biblical teaching, it shows kids that God created animals, including dinosaurs, on the sixth day. Answers these questions and more: Did T. rex dine on fruits and vegetables? How did dinosaurs fit on the Ark? Special links to four of Buddy's most popular songs, plus Ham's audio track, Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World. Discussion Guide included.
  • Dinosaurs: Stars of the Show,
    Category: Child, By: Zordel, Amie-=- Retail Price: 12.99-=- ARKY Price: 9.74
    Catalog#: 4889, Length: 24, Ages: Fourth thru Sixth, Type: Hardback book
  • The objects of fascination for almost every child, dinosaurs take center stage in this delightful new book. Beautiful illustrations by Joanna Borrero enhances rhyming text. Delightful and imaginative story kids will love. Fun and entertaining method to present core biblical truth. The author's 7-year old daughter inspired her to write this book after being exposed to evolution while watching a kid's program. The author wants to enable parents to help strengthen their children's faith by providing biblical answers to their questions.
  • Dragons, Dinosaurs & the Bible,
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: Hodge, Bodie-=- Retail Price: 12.99-=- ARKY Price: 10.07
    Catalog#: 7154, Length: 59, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: DVD
  • Are dinosaurs dragons? Did birds evolve from dinosaurs? How should Cristians view these incredible creatures? What about all those old dragon legends and petroglyphs (cave drawings and etchings of creatures that look like dinosaurs)? This dynamic DVD will excite viewers, regardless of their age level, to look at this topic from a biblical viewpoint. And, it will challenge non-Christisans as to the evidence regarding dinosaurs and dragons. This is a must for almost every age!
  • Explore Dinosaur National Monument with Noah Justice, Awesome Science, Episode 9
    Category: Child, By: Justice, Noah-=- Retail Price: 14.99-=- ARKY Price: 11.24
    Catalog#: 7284, Length: 0, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: DVD
  • Animals like dinosaurs are among the most recognized extinct creatures on earth. There are unique sites around the globe where visitors can see their fossils in large groups with other animals that lived in the area, creating a mystery solved by Biblical history! The Dinosaur National Monument is among the more amazing paleontological finds of the 20th century. These unique deposits of remains host scientific researchers and site visitors that number in the thousands each year. Discover 1,500 dinosaur fossils in one location, from bones of giant bears, to camels, llamas, and more. Explore history, geology, and Biblical Connections.
  • Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure, The, A Real-Life Journey Through the Frozen Past
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: Davis, Buddy; Liston, Mike; Whitmore, Jo-=- Retail Price: 10.99-=- ARKY Price: 8.24
    Catalog#: 633, Length: 150, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Softback book
  • Based on spine-tingling adventure into the wilderness of Northern Alaska, this book follows the trail of a team of creation scientists who recently discovered frozen dinosaur bones. This true adventure is documented with photographs and journal notes. Besides braving the elements, the team encountered wild bear and dogs, snakes, mesquites, and difficult digging conditions. A inspiration for Bible-believing Christians everywhere.
  • Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved!, The, A Biblical View of These Amazing Creatures
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: Ham, Ken-=- Retail Price: 11.99-=- ARKY Price: 8.99
    Catalog#: 1376, Length: 144, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Softback book
  • Beautifully illustrated with original color art, this book applies the Biblical perspective of Earth's history to the intriguing topic of dinosaurs! The Bible actually makes the subject of dinosaurs come "alive" as their great mystery is solved! Learn how to effectively use dinosaurs as "Missionary Lizards."
  • Helping Children Understand Genesis and the Dinosaur,
    Category: Genesis, By: von Fange, Erich A.-=- Retail Price: 12.95-=- ARKY Price: 10.36
    Catalog#: 711, Length: 208, Ages: Junior High-Up, Type: Softback book
  • Hardly a year goes by without exciting new dinosaur finds, and children seem especially fascinated by these monsters. This book is written for parents, grandparents, pastors, and teachers to help them show young Christians how they can understand the rise and extinction of the dinosaur on a young, created earth. Genesis and the world around us tell us some surprising things about the Pre-Flood world in which the dinosaur thrived.
  • What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?,
    Category: Child, By: Morris, Dr. John and Ken Ham-=- Retail Price: 10.99-=- ARKY Price: 8.24
    Catalog#: 42, Length: 32, Ages: Pre-School, Type: Hardback book
  • Beautifully illustrated, highly imaginative, this book takes readers on a pre-Flood journey through God's Creation. Travel side-by-side with Tracker John and his pet dinosaur, DJ! Children will love the heart warming story and fun filled adventure.
  • What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?,
    Category: Dinosaurs, By: Ham, Ken-=- Retail Price: .75-=- ARKY Price: .75
    Catalog#: 1737, Length: 48, Ages: Everyone, Type: Pamphlet
  • A synapsis of the popular book (by the same name) in booklet form that answers more than these questions. Are dinosaurs a mystery? Do dinosaurs prove evolution or creation? Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?
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