Bookstore Auction

For Sale: Great Donated Items with suggested donation price. Make us an offer. These are first class collectibles of timeless value.

  1. David Winter Cottage, Dickens Series, A Christmas Carol, 1989, original box, $150.00.
  2. David Winter Cottage, Dickens Series, Christmas in Scotland 1988, original box, $90.00.
  3. David Winter Cottage, At the Center of the Village Series, Spinners Cottage, original box, $75.00.
  4. David Winter Cottage, The Center of the Village Series, The Bake House, original box, $60.00.
  5. 1983 Hummel Silver Christmas Bell, original box, $100.00.
  6. German plates, look like carved wood, original boxes, $20.00 each or set of 6 for $100.00.
  7. Tea set from Japan, new, crated in wood, tea pot and lid with 5 cups & 10 sets of chopsticks, $40.00.
  8. Avon, Early American Light Up Village Church, 1989, original box, $15.00.
  9. Avon, Early American Town Square, 1989, original box, $15.00.

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