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Holy Evolution!
Sent in by Jim Black

  • Some time long, long, long ago,
  • a tiny dense mass, it did really blow!
  • It's bits and pieces reached far and wide,
  • Into empty space, they will ever ride.

  • From this mighty bang, there came to be,
  • A rough hewn orb, the early earth, don't you see.
  • O'er billions more, it was rounded like a ball.
  • Upon its mass, we would work, walk, run and fall.

  • Our students are told, that in much time,
  • there came to be the primordial slime.
  • Out of this slick ooze, says the best guesser,
  • came a single cell, our first ancestor.

  • Hold on now, the story is not done.
  • Behold, I say. Here comes the fun.
  • The cell must split and gain a partner,
  • to evolve its kind, with opposite gender.

  • And so it did, that we are told,
  • A mate arose to preserve the fold.
  • So now the theory's been set in motion,
  • to bring forth more of its silly notion.

  • Billions more did come and go,
  • now watch this fable grow and grow.
  • Of all the myths that man doth make,
  • Surely, this one takes the cake.

  • Over time, our bods took shape,
  • our early form looked like an ape.
  • It was time and natural selection,
  • wherein we found our own election.

  • In the trees, we made our habitat.
  • Swinging limb to limb, we'd never get fat.
  • But time and change still did abound,
  • Lo and behold, we came to the ground.

  • From the trees we did swing down,
  • to become more learned, of higher renown.
  • Now we eat and drink much better,
  • those bananas were starting to fester.

  • Today our frame there is no trace,
  • of our first ancestor's face.
  • Old uncle cell was simple and small;
  • We, his posterity, for anything will fall.

  • They dig, they look, they go and think,
  • in hopes they'll find the missing link.
  • They do not know there is no chain,
  • that's why their search is so in vain.

  • Because their feet weren't on the rock,
  • their better sense was out on hock.
  • The lie was fed from that cagey winker,
  • They bought it, hook, line and sinker.

  • As this story comes to an end,
  • the fossil record is not its friend.
  • Darwin and Huxley, in peace may they rest,
  • but God's creation explains it best.

  • So let us come and reason together;
  • doesn't creation sound much better?
  • God spoke and the earth did come to be;
  • In His image, He then made you and me.

  • One man's guess began a revolution.
  • Ever since then, its called holy evolution.
  • Among the fables, it will have its place;
  • In time, be sure, there will be no trace.

    Sent in by Jim Black
    Enjoyed surfing through your web site. Thought you might get a chuckle

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