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The Night Before Salvation
by Gale Brown

by: Gale Brown

This personal testimonial was written on Halloween’s Eve, 1986, 15 years after being saved Halloween morning, 1971. I was driving down the highway during early evening, returning from an electrical job in Hillsboro, Ohio, at a friend, Bill Bowman’s house, seeing the trick or treaters out, and I started thinking about what happened 15 years before. In a few minutes, I pulled off the Route 73 road and wrote these thoughts in 20 minutes or so.


Twas the night before salvation, and all through the nation, the evil one lay wait to deceive; for you see, it was Halloween's Eve.

I had gone my way, my familiar game to play, with drugs, music, and women. But I left the dance without much romance, for my girl was very angry with me.

So I sought for release, some way to find peace, you see I was very much higher then I'd planned.

We then went to a party, that was extremely strange, and the costumes of the people covered such a wide range,

So confused and spaced I started back home, to which the. journey seemed ever so long, that once back there I just sat down wanting somehow to feel I was back on the ground.

But Satan saw the open door; and before I knew he was near, he entered my being with startling fear.

I didn't' know what had just taken place, but I was sure everyone could see on my face, that somehow I'd changed, that I wasn't the same - as this evil power that had me bound, began to draw and pull me down.'

I'll sleep it off - I thought I might, but I only awoke in stark sheer fright. "I must take a walk, and get it together"; so I started out to try to feel better.

But all was horror, and it just got worse, as I felt I was under a terrible curse. Nothing eased my mind as I walked along, though my girlfriend was near, I was all alone.

What could I do? There was nowhere to turn, fear, had me gripped and I only yearned, for some kind of peace to comfort my plight, as I started back home on that darkest of nights.

But what was this that I felt deep inside, and what were these thoughts of God in my mind? I had never prayed that I could recall, but right now He seemed most important of all.

The peace I welcomed, and as I thought, it grew. He only can help me, this I knew. And the more I thought, the more I could see, that surely He only could set me free.

Should I try it, should I call, on Him whom I knew not at all? And what if I wait - what might be my fate? If I reject this desire that seems so strong, I would surely be doing a horrible wrong.

So with decision in mind and a lump in my throat, I turned my face up to let go of the load.

"God help me,” I cried with all I knew how, and I let go of all to see what happens now.

But with power I could never describe - it surged upward through me in a moment of time. Whatever the results, I know this is it - whatever this power, I'm given to it.

And as His power shot through me and chased out the night, before my eyes burst a brilliant white light. And as I opened my eyes to just look and see, Behold, all was at peace and I was finally free!

Jesus had come like a thief in the night, but He stole me from darkness and brought me to light.


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