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Hi! I was wondering if maybe you could take the time to answer a few simple questions for me, and perhaps add a few lines on your personal beliefs toward the Origin of Life and Man.

1. Do you believe that life does, in any way, portray that there is a greater power or a God? A: Without any doubt. I find life just doesn't get better on its own, let alone get started. A squashed bug has all the chemicals for life, but it is dead. Its organization and design make the difference. Those needs a designer.
2. Do you think that evolutionists have any right to criticize the creationist beliefs? A: Too much is made of rights that are man made. Our inalienable rights come from God. Man just limits them or destroys them. Man cannot make rights. Only the Godly have allowed rights. The ungodly take them away for their own use. One right we all may have, at least once, is to be wrong. Wisdom does not continue in the wrong. Evolutionists are just potential creationists that have not been converted yet. Our job is to prepare and be able to eliminate their bad excuses and replace them with better logic and the God of the Universe.
3. Do you think that there are more facts to prove creation or evolution? A: Creation, hands down. An evolutionist must ignore over 90% of the evidence because its ruins their model. The less than 10% that remains does not contradict creation. By the way, facts don't prove, they only support what you believe. We all have the same facts, it's our presuppositions that make the conclusions different.
4. Do you think that anthropologist have been too over eager in their search for the true "Origin of Man"? A: That is their job. For many that is their religion also. We should be equally fervent.
5. Do you believe that some scientists have bent their principles to allow the evolution theory only so they could have "a creation without a God"? A: Scientists are trained in our educational system, learning ONLY one principle. The majority of the "church" does not support the other view with wisdom or education. I know very few Christians who went into science with a Christian worldview. In recent years, the bending has been toward us, but the shaping is all humanistic evolution, including most Christian schools.
6. Do you think that creationists have any right to criticize the evolutionist beliefs? A: That is the true scientific method. If they can't prove a point, we can take it apart. Good science builds on testing. Evolution is "bad" science build on definition and religion, not experimental, repeatable data. It is also good for us to call their definitions into question, especially when they are inconsistent.
7. Do you believe that creationists are against evolution only because it does not portray their God as Creator? A: That's enough, but they should be against it because it is superficial, unproven, unprovable, bad for morals, and based on illogical assumptions, not the least of which is a universe negative.
8. How would you explain personality? A: Not by evolution. Design, genes, environment all play a part.

I thank you for taking the time to read (and hopefully answer) my e-mail. Forever, LM

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