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Letter to the Editor, 1/14/98

... The ARK is a good ministry & we really appreciated you coming to T.E.A.C.H. [Faircreek HS group: Teaching Education. And Connecting Home Sshoolers]. I know a few people choose to support you by purchasing materials and for that, I'm thankful.

Having your own website will definitely help! Have you ever considered having a "regular" column in the Christian Citizen magazine? Perhaps that would be a good way to inform people on current issues & recent discoveries that support Creation Science. --Just a thought! If not anything else, they now have a great kids page"--that would be another avenus to connect up with families.

I know people don't like to be asked for money, and they have to come alongside and "believe in" a ministry and what it's trying to do. Perhaps they don't see the benefits (yet) of "membership?"
Also, is it possible to connect with AiG in KY & have them back & promote you? What if you all work as an outreach from each other? Ken Ham has many extensive resources & contacts because of his travels. It's also a name people know. Instead of "competing," it would be complimenting & supporting one another. I know we are praying for their museum project. Do we need 2 museums? Think about it! I have heard others say the same, and that they already support AIG. Why can't we have a local extension of that in the Dayton area?

Just some thoughts. Jackie P.

Thanks for your letter. It was a great night doing the program for you.

We are now doing a creation/history regular feature in the Christian Citizen and making it available to all members, since their membership helps make it possible and our regular newsletter was reduced in size. This does allow us to reach 40,000+ people every month with a valid creation message.

We do work with AiG when they are in this area, but they do not have local groups. They have started assisting school groups and always have been helpful with other local groups.

The issue of more than one musuem has come up several times. Both AiG and ARK believe we need even more than two. The creation evangelism message needs to be proclaimed. After all, how many churches do we have? Is one church sufficient? We are about 90 minutes from the AiG site and their plans are different than ours. They will be the first, God willing, and have stated they don't want to be the only. Each local area will have to raise its own support and people, but their ground breaking efforts will assist us all.

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