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Georgia Letter with Evolution: Fact or Belief video Q&A's
The following is an actual letter, edited with Q&A's, sent to ARKY with the answers we provided. 11/99

Dear Ron and Brenda,

Thank you for the two great books and tape.
I have been doing lots of reading on creation/evolution. I have distributed the Refuting Evolution books to 9 public school teachers at Woodlawn Christian Church. (I kept one to read myself first, before distributing it, and it was great. Then Suree wanted to read it too!) However, there are 10 more public school teachers who are members at Woodlawn, and I had no books for them.

I just finished the Friday Bible Study at Mark's apartment [with college students]. I showed the Evolution: Fact or Belief video, the third section of it, about the problems with radiometric dating. I wrote out the script. We read it word for word in unison, stopping to watch the video after each few paragraphs. Attendance was higher than ever in recent memory. Some new ones said they had come because their friends told them how interesting the class was! Thank You!

[ARK] Thank you for the feedback. A package is being mailed to your house tomorrow with the books. Can you Email your typed script of the tape to me?
They had a lot of questions.
Q: One question is, it says on the video that fossils in the rocks cannot be dated by radiometric dating because the original living matter in them has turned into stone. Then, where did the C14 that was in them go to?

A: C14 is only good for ~50,000 years. If the fossil is older, C14 can't be found or it is stone instead of organic material. The organic material, including the C14 that was in it, leached out by the water that fossilized it. It is only present in organic material, not the sedimentary rocks the fossils are found in.

Q1: Another question is, If salts of U[ranium] and other radioactive elements can dissolve in water, wouldn't the outside of the rock show this,

Q2: but the inside of the rock still show the original amount?

A1: Every living things has C14. Nonliving things contain None! A worldwide, one year plus flood would wash and mix things pretty well.

A2: Since it is a fossil, there is NO original organic material for the C14 to be in.

Note: Frozen bones have been found and will have C14, but evolution labs will not test them, because that means they aren't old. A creation group is building a tester.

Another question is,
Q: it says that the production of neutrinos from cosmic radiation could have been enhanced, by a reversal of the earth's magnetic field (and that this would affect the rate of decay). Nobody understands what the first part of the sentence means. [Reference assumption on Rate of Decay constant and not influenced in the past. Reversal of magnetic fields effects.]

A: The earth's magnetic field protects us, and other living things, from harmful outside effects. A reversal means it went down to zero and back, there was no protection. This happened several times. My quess is this means the radiation could then physically knock particles out of things and ruin an assumption of constancy. It also means no life as we know it could evolve, except between reversals which are estimated as not more than a 50,000 year cycle [another dating method I didn't get to].

Another question is,
Q: maybe the cosmic dust on the moon was less than expected because the moon is smaller than the earth and so would attract less dust? Mark said he heard that the moon is much lighter than the earth, so maybe it would have less attraction for dust, also? Any suggestions?

A: The calculations were make based on the moon's size, not the earth's size. There are no physics known to suggest the amount of moon dust found, unless the moon is young.

Anyway, it was great having you two here, and you have been a big blessing to me and to my work. Praise the Lord! Please come back anytime! In Jesus' love, Georgia Panya

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C14 = unstable radioactive element. 5760 half life to C12.

All Lead particales were result of process coming from U235. Assumptions are:

  1. All daughter elements came only from parent elements, i.e., No lead was in rock to start with, not a good assumption.
  2. No leaking out.
  3. Constant rates of decay, not influenced by the past.
Leaking U because of soluble by water in flood. Salts of Potasium Sodium ... even more soluble in water.
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