Newsletter Interviews Paul McDorman
Interview with Paul McDorman by Ron Cooper

Overview: Paul is our invited special speaker for our October 9, 1995 meeting. He and Bob Garbe, our second invited speaker for November 13, 1995, are officers in the Creation Research Science Education Foundation (CRSEF) group in Columbus. Paul attended our first organizational meeting and the Nutter Center Seminar and goes to various conventions displaying creation materials and displays.

Ron: Paul, you have been involved with this creation stuff for quite awhile, tell us about yourself and why you are doing this.

Paul: I went to the Cincinnati Bible Seminary back in the 1960s and I just happened to go to a seminar by Dwayne Gish and he said some very interesting things I wanted to explore further. Before that time, I was a theistic evolutionist, so he opened my eyes to a lot of different concepts which I never heard before. Since that time I have been reading steadily all of the information that I could get on creation. From [then] I was convinced that there was a lot of evidence that I had overlooked. And indeed, the Bible was true in everything it said-- very literally.

Ron: I have met your wife Phyllis. What is Phyllis' role in your interest in creation and the things that you have been involved with? How supportive has she been or has this work caused any dilemmas? Have you spent a lot of time at this?

Paul: My wife has been very supportive. She is very helpful giving me instructions and ideas, how to be more creative for different types of people, children for example. [Especially] how to reach their level and how to talk to adults at their level. My training is in chemistry, mainly, and I tend to talk above a lot of people and not realize it, so she has brought me down to speak to the level of the person. She has taught Sunday School ... since she was a teenager, so she is well versed on pedagogy and she is a great help [to me].

Ron: You currently are involved with a creation group in Columbus, Ohio. What is the extent of that involvement and why are you involved in Columbus?

Paul: I met Bob Garbe first through a newsletter and learned about what that group [Creation Research Science Education Foundation (CRSEF)] up in Columbus was doing, so I joined it and go to Columbus about once a month to attend their meetings. I currently am the Secretary, and in the past I have been Vice President. The group is primarily focused on research and education. We do a lot of things in the research and education area as the name implies. We are active in that field and do things like going to Alaska and digging for dinosaur bones, going to the Paluxy River in Texas, etc. One of our members, Bob Garbe, has gone to Mt Ararat several times. So we all have involvement in these sort of things.

Ron: You know that The Ark Foundation of Dayton, Inc. is a new group in the Dayton area. You've been a big supporter of us by attending our meetings and even helping here at the Answers in Geneses Seminar. What do you think of what we are trying to do in Dayton, and do you think there is a role for the Columbus group and the Dayton group working together?

Paul: Yes there is, groups need to spring up all over the United States at the grass roots [level]. There is plenty of people to go around for everybody and everyone needs to get involved. We need to cooperate and share speakers, exhibits, and ideas for example. We could get together and plan things together. And it would be a big help to evangelize the United States and the world with creation evangelism.

Ron: Each of us has specialties, what is your specialty?

Paul: I like to study about the age of the earth and the universe. I have been gathering materials for a long time now. Hopefully, I am going to write a book in the near future. I put out a newsletter for CRSEF. I give talks on all sorts of subjects related to creation and science--dynamics, bio-chemistry, design, all of the arguments that point to creation.

Ron: Would you say you are as good a speaker as Ken Ham?

Paul: No, way. He has a charisma which attracts large groups of people and I praise God that he can do that. We need more of him.

Ron: Duplicating the information and duplicating the personalities are tough to do. Either one is good, but we do have the opportunity, I think, in Columbus and in Dayton and this whole area of southwestern and central Ohio to make an effect on the minds and hearts of people in the Churches. Do you see a role outside of the Churches as this point in time or do you think we should concentrate on reaching the people in Churches?

Paul: I think the Churches are primary. I agree with Ken Ham that the Churches probably need to be evangelized first; but I can't resist evangelizing people outside the Church. It needs to be done and people aren't looking at these [Creation] facts and they need them. Both groups of people need to be evangelized obviously; but I think there are enough people and speakers out there that we can evangelize both at the same time.

Ron: If we had enough interest in the Cincinnati area, do you think you would be able to lead a group in the Cincinnati area? Are there any groups of people that you know of right now?

Paul: I know there are a lot of people in Cincinnati that believe in creation. I don't know of any leaders. I have been thinking for a long time that maybe I could start a group; maybe, I will sometime in the near future. I think there are people everywhere that would be eager to join.

Ron: Do you think there is an advantage in having one central core creation group with satellite groups off of it and focus groups like The Ark Foundation of Dayton, Inc. wants to do? Or do you think it is more advantageous to stay independent and not have that synergism?

Paul: I like to see us remain independent for now at least. I think more can be done. There are some projects which one small group may not be able to do, but there is room for cooperation when big projects need to be done. The [planned] creation museums in Florence, Kentucky, and [the one] your group also wants to start are examples of good joint projects. There is room for that sort of thing all over the United States. We can help, but for now, I would like to see the small grass roots organizations spring up all over. Ron: I agree. If you can't do it in small groups you can't keep people involved. But, there are some big chunks of work not being done because we don't work cooperatively, and I am hoping that our efforts in the future will be cooperative and that we keep in contact. In fact, as you know, we would like you [Oct] and Mr. Bob Garbe [Nov] to speak at our next meetings. ... And I appreciate that a whole lot. We appreciate you coming here and talking with us. Do you have any final comments you would like to make?

Paul: Just keep up the good work and God bless your efforts.

Ron: Thank you Paul.

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