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... And They Died!
by Ron Cooper
Never fight a battle where you donít gain anything by winning.
George Patton

Hear, ye children, the instruction of a father, and attend to know (gain) understanding.
PR 4:1

If people donít invest in Godly things, we donít win!

Is dying so tragic? Many are bitter that a loved one died that should have lived. Who can know, or would want to know exactly, when they or anyone else would die? What a worry! But it is good to be able to save some lives by keeping healthy or developing good habits or avoiding unproductive troubles. When a problem is known, it can sometimes be fixed short of death.

We canít do anything about the dying part for ourselves, except be prepared. But, being prepared is so significant, perhaps that is all we should ever really do! What is it about your life or your family that glorifies God and will continue when you are dead! How we live, believe, and think is the historical process to give these desired results.

Living is a battle that you can gain or lose by the process. Death is the lack of function, as a statue or picture captures the image, but it is not the real thing. It doesnít talk for itself. The Christian believes the Bible is alive and relevant to their life. To our founding fathers it was the real thing! It was not mere stories; it was the basis for their thinking. That thinking became our history, embodied alive as the Declaration of Independence, the charter for our country, and the basis of our Constitution. To them, the Bible, the Declaration, the Constitution, the Laws, etc. in this order were their standards for a new nation. None of these can be considered alive or valid, if its foundational document is dead. Without the foundation, the entire legal basis for our country is dead. Without the Bible, our Constitution cannot stand as written. Its meanings are changed and its context ignored. It is dead! It is silent, a statue.

When you die, your legacy will likely only be your sons and daughters. They will be all that remains of you. Today our laws, courts, and customs are now being based on a dead (silent) document. It is called a living document, but how can it be alive when it is brain dead. Our courts now tell us what it means. It is not allowed to speak for itself as it did for 161 years.

For our Constitution to be a living document, it must be a living legacy of the founding fathers. Its principles cannot change! Its people cannot be ignorant! Its language cannot be suspect! When it is given up for adoption from its true heritage, it can and has been corrupted. It is living only if it is amended by its own process. Its changes were not to come from court declarations. That is dictatorship, not democracy or a republic.

What will we do with this dictated new legacy, this new illegitimate child, founded without legal basis, fathered by unbelievers in ďBiblical or American History.Ē I would like to see the legitimate son, our Constitutional system, back in its rightful place.

If you think our constitution lives only through the courts, you have been listening to them, instead of reading our Constitution for yourself. It doesnít read like it is spoken about in public education and in news. Itís like reading the Bible or believing God, no one else can do it for you!

Silence is death. What is to be our legacy?

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