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Christian Citizen USA named Newspaper of the Year

San Diego, CA (May 9, 2001)-A Dayton, Ohio based Christian newspaper received top honors during the Christian Newspaper Association's annual newspaper awards ceremony on May 5 in San Diego, California.

The top award for Newspaper of the Year was presented to the Tri-state edition of the Christian Citizen USA by the president of the Evangelical Press Association (EPA), Doug Trouten.

The Christian Citizen USA was also honored in two other categories, receiving both First and Second Place for Best Photograph for the Central Ohio edition (Columbus, Ohio) and Second and Third place for Best Editorial in the Tri-State (Dayton, Cincinnati) edition.

Dr. Michael Smith, Regent University School of Journalism, headed the judging.

Pendra Lee Snyder, Publisher of the Christian Citizen USA said, "We are honored to receive so many awards. There are many good Christian newspapers across America, but I think what set the Christian Citizen USA apart is our emphasis on producing stories of local and national interest." CCN-USA currently has newspapers in Dayton/Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky.

Pendra Lee and Rick Snyder bought the 12 year old Christian Citizen four years ago from a Xenia, Ohio company. The vision for the newspaper is to continue expanding into local markets with national news and advertisers to make the Christian Citizen USA the largest Christian newspaper in America.

To interview Pendra Lee or Rick Snyder, call 937-304-0010 office 1-877-428-NEWS

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