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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
By Ronnie E. Cooper

Let's look at the real relationships of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow in History.

First, Yesterday is history. By history, I mean "His Story," the story of Jesus, the story of God. This is the core of all known history from the Creation to our lives Today. A common perversion of history is called "Prehistoric." Prehistoric is an oxymoron. History is what we know happened by someone who was there and gave a true reliable account of it. Prehistory is what someone who was not there assumes might have happened. In other words, Prehistoric is pure fables, lies, and wishful thinking by some of the best story tellers of our time: Evolutionists, science fiction writers, new age seers, and the like.

The purpose of History is to declare the Glory of God our Creator. The purpose of Prehistory is to deny even the existence of such a God. The Bible starts with the beginning. "Prehistory" denies the beginning and fabricates a before the beginning.

We live Today. Our today is based on our perception and knowledge of Yesterday. Those who control and write our History control how we will act and believe. We do not act purely on instinct. Our Genes do not control our every action. We are trained in our history, traditions, culture and beliefs. Until we know our true History, we will live and believe based on what we think it is. When evolutionary lies (based on prehistory, not history) guide our actions, we dismiss the role of God in our lives Today. God becomes irrelevant.

Today is the action place for our future. History has included a special set of facts called "revelation" about our Future. His Story gives us hope of life beyond today. His Story is a promise kept in the only begotten Son of God that we have forgiveness in Him. We can live above the pain and suffering, the curse of decay, and the groaning of this earth. We have a Savior who is preparing a place for us eternally that will be beyond Sin and Death. We have a History that includes prophecy, the special PreFuture that must always come true or by Biblical standards the Prophet must be killed. Always being 100% correct or being faced with Capital Punishment is a great deterrent to lies about History or the Future.

A Future based on Prehistory is hopeless. None of its claims are verified; none of its claims give us hope; none of its prophets were subjected to the death test. This future is one without God, as philosophic Evolution requires.

Given the alternative of known History with hope by a God who loves us enough to pay the penalty of Sin for all who will believe in His History, then the alternative is absurd.  Why believe a lie without hope. It's your choice. Act on it.

Support organizations and churches that are helping to spread the truth of His Story, true History need your support, prayers, and encouragement to continue reminding us all of these differences. Today we call the core of that the Gospel, the Good News, the fulfillment of prophecy, the hope eternal. Your tithes, gifts, and offerings make this happen or they support a lie. Make sure you know what you believe about History is true and consistant with "His Story" and that it is all taught and caught in you family.

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