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The Biblical and Scientific Case for and about them.
By Ron Cooper

Splitters and Lumpers

There are two ways to classify living things - by their differences or by their similarities. If they are grouped by differences, the method splits the groups to the smallest known difference. This is the tendency today. Every difference in eye color, fur stripe, habitat, etc. is used to call them another species. By this method, every human brother and sister (except perhaps identical twins) can be a different species based solely on the known differences in hair color, height, weight, and other physical appearances. As a scientist, this is very good to get your name on a species, but tends towards bad science by naming the “brothers and sisters” as an end to themselves, rather than as a family.

The second method is to group by similar traits. This was the original classification method when science assumed God created kinds. By this method, brothers and sisters are both human. We are not looking for the missing link or the next link. We are looking for the created kinds and the interactions designed into them.

Dinosaurs are/were of many kinds. Perhaps seventy different kinds would be a good number, but we don’t know for sure. The genetic diversity in the original designs is very rich and diverse. From what is known about living creatures, we now know is there is much less genetic diversity. There is a general LOSS of information in DNA. And harmful mutations have been added. Many creatures have died off and extinction is the norm, even today. With each generation we are losing information and there is less diversity still here. For many dinosaurs there is almost no information. Whole groups have died off.

But original offspring would be very different in the first generations between brothers and sisters. All DNA would have been present without dilution or mutation. They would have been perfect! When you study dinosaurs, remember how little we really know about them, but how much better and diverse they were - in the beginning.

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