Dinosaurs “A Rose by Any Other Name?”

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The Biblical and Scientific Case for and about them.
By Ron Cooper

Dinosaurs “A Rose by Any Other Name?”

The word “dinosaur” is a young word only dating from 1841. It was given by Sir Richard Owen, one of England’s greatest anatomical researchers. But other names existed long before then.

The oldest name for a dinosaur is “Behemoth” and comes from Job 40:15. Also very ancient is the common name, ”Dragon.” All historical descriptions known, and paintings fit what is today called a dinosaur.

These creatures have some well known characteristics: they never stop growing, they can get very large, you don’t want to mess with them.

Because they never stop growing and they all came from an egg (the largest egg may be a foot long or so), they would need long life, protection from predators, and great food to grow that large. The Bible says Earth was created vegetarian, very fruitful, and men lived a long time as caretakers for the creation. Perfect for dinosaurs.

If they gained an average of one pound a day, they would weigh 250 tons, a known estimate for the largest dinosaur found, after 1300 years. Not at all unreasonable. It makes sense they lived near water, were very strong, and people avoided them, but knew about them and even drew pictures of them.

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