Dinosaurs “What Did They Eat Anyway?”

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The Biblical and Scientific Case for and about them.
By Ron Cooper

Dinosaurs “What Did They Eat Anyway?”

There is a huge amount of interest in the vicious and terrible lizard (that’s what he word dinosaur means). Major interest is being shown in the mighty and fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex. It’s those huge teeth that give him all the public “bite.” But let’s look at what is behind the bite.

With their seven inch teeth, you could say they can eat whatever they wanted. But since their teeth were only set a few inches into the jaws, they couldn’t be as aggressive as we’ve been led to believe. They would tear their own teeth out with the shallow anchor they have to hold them.

But those teeth are perfect for a scavenger and a plant eater. All animals were plant eaters when they were created, but the fall of man and the curse changed that forever. A T-Rex type animal is indeed probably suitable for gobbling up soft skinned prey like humans. Descriptions of such events are known to be true. But up until the flood of Noah’s time, they probably ate vegetation and the soft flesh of dead animals.

In modern times, they were a menace that attacked humans. Those who became “dragon slayers” did so at a real risk to themselves. The most amazing report of one I know is the man who charged a juvenile T-Rex who had raided the countryside for years (eating people and livestock).

His plan was to attack the weakest link. Many others had tried arrows and swords to no avail. He did an amazing thing by charging the animal. Most ran or held their ground, he wanted to get under that great head and jaws--to attack the puny arms. He put an arm lock on it and twisted it off. It bled to death. He was also very strong.

It is reported to have happened in Norway and is not a made up story. I hope you enjoyed this fresh insight. It is also the best reason I know why dinosaurs are gone. We killed them!

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