Dayton Dragons

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The Biblical and Scientific Case for and about them.
By Ron Cooper

Dayton Dragons

The new name for Dayton Ohio’s baseball team is great. Dragons are dinosaurs. The image should be great for business, but we should note this is not the first or last time dragons have lived with people.

The Flintstones had them together with men, but taming a large and dangerous dragon is no small task; Neither was feeding them. Consider what a “small” elephant eats. They were large lawn mowers keeping the creation ready for man’s expansion and use for God’s glory. In Job 40:19, they are referred to as the “chief of the ways of God.” Man did not deal lightly with these beasts and the dinosaurs did not frequent man’s areas. They were busy eating and growing.

If you have seen the Dayton Dragons logo, it is a fierce and proud design. Dragons were like that, at least some. but most of them were small. They hatched from ostrich sized eggs and stayed around a long time, always growing, a trait unique to lizards. An average size was like a chicken or sheep. We don’t know how many enemies they had, perhaps none. We do know there are millions of dinosaur bones buried in sedimentary rocks (layed down by water) that buried them rapidly to perserve a history in stone of just over 4000 years ago and some say a history that still exists. Have you seen the Komodo Dragons at the Cincinnati Zoo?

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