The Behemoth

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The Biblical and Scientific Case for and about them.
By Ron Cooper


Land dwelling, air breathing animals have an unusual history. Most of them, not just dinosaurs, died or were “thinned” out in their history. The fact that many were large and their entire bone structure even exists as a fossil tells a prudent, science type an important clue. Their entire body was buried by sediments very quickly. Since most of them are “torn” apart and in massive graveyards looking like they were washed into a pile is another good clue. Conclusion: they were killed and buried by a giant flood. Massive sediments covered them and we see these signs over the entire earth. Noah’s flood was BIG.

Before the flood, life was nice for the dinosaur. Eat, roam, and live mostly undisturbed. The best historical description is in Job 40. Look it up.

Again, let’s follow the clues. Grass eater, strong mid-section, long tapered tail like a full grown cedar tree, strong bones, dangerous to approach, lives in swamps in the shade of trees, comfortable even in raging waters. Compare this to what is called an Apatosaurus (a Sauropod) today.

There are many large sauropods. I, for one, am unsure if the larger ones couldn’t just be older then the smaller ones in many cases and not be a different type. Dinosaurs are reptiles and reptiles never stop growing. Therefore, the largest ones are the oldest ones. Their children start out from an egg and just grow until they die. The fact that they got very large means they lived a long time, longer then seems reasonable today.

This is one of the reasons many believe the earth was drastically changed forever at the worldwide flood. Dinosaurs were a bigger threat to food supplies and many were reported to attack animals and humans after the flood. Even though they were smaller and had shorter lives, they were “big” game for hunters who probably killed them to reduce the threat to their communities and the drain on food supplies.

Therefore, we don’t see Behemoth anymore or a lot of other animals that are extinct. As caretakers of the earth, our endangered species even include ourselves!

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