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The ARK Virtual Museum
ARKY is for the entire family!

Musuems on Line (Biblical Creation), with physical Museums in the USA

Creation Ministries International (@ Passion Play), a great place to visit while at the Passion Play
Creation Museum (KY) , the World's best ORIGINS Musuem with BOTH sides of the story

Musuems on Line (Historical), with physical Museums in the USA

National Museum of the USAF, US Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio

Musuems on Line (Atheist evolutionary)

University of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley
America’s finest museum of medical history, the Mütter Museum, Philadelphia

Musuems off Line (Creationist and Biblical Worldview), with physical Museums in the USA

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, Crobyton, TX, Joe Taylor, 1-800-367-7454 or (806) 675-7777
Museum of Archaeology and Biblical History, Albuquerque, NM, (was?) on the Southwest Campus of Trinity College and Seminary, (505) 332-4253.
Address: 10110 Constitution NE Phone: 505-332-4253 Our (old, not working) Come visit us in Albuquerque, New Mexico

This page is the gateway to a feast of learning. It is the place to learn about knowledge from both a Biblical and scientific point of view. The physical facts of this world are supportive of Biblical history and we DON'T assume away God by definition, we keep a consistent priority on the Bible. We know science will change. In fact, the more they know, the closer they get to the unchanging God of the Bible. We think we just getting a head start. Check out the various sections as we build this virtual museum and see what you think.

If you would like to assist in this tremendious effort, write us at our Email or mail us a letter with your questions or comments. We are looking for people to provide support and to consider membership.

Prior to 2007, there were NO major creation science museums in the world - NONE!!! The largest was only about 3000 sq ft.
Now Answers in Gensis has opened their Creation Musuem outside of Cincinnati. It is the best quality museum in the world and it is large.
It takes all day to look at everything, therefore it's a great vacation trip or bus tour stop. We will be trying to organize regular bus trip from SW Ohio to the musuem.
Contact us if you are interested at

The links at the top are for various areas in this virtual museum. It's virtual because it doesn't exist in the physical world. We would like to make it exist in this physical world. The virtual museum is how we would like to fill a Biblical Creation Science museum build in the size and shape of Noak's Ark. If you have skills in computer and would like to help, please let us know at

An ARK sized building is not a small task. We need a lot of help from people and finances. This structure, using the ancient cubit of about 22.9" and a basement for administration would be over 200,000 sq ft. While that will cost a lot for anyone, it is easily available if many people join together to support it financially.

The plan is to first get people interested and informed. Each section are great places to keep informed and get answers to your questions about the Bible or Science. From heroes worth knowing, to science without a one sided viewpoint (Evolution only), to learning about the ARK of the Bible, and so much more, you are about to "Go where no one is going anymore, the over looked secrets of the Universe -- God's Creation." Enjoy.

The ARK Museum: What we can do now!

Short of buying land, we can still build mini museum displays that can then be used to support fund raising efforts and within a facility when built.

We can also consider building a mobile museum in a cargo trailer and the portable displays.

Common Questions and Answers about proposed ARK Museum

Q: Wouldn't Dayton be too close to the Answers in Genesis museum in northern Kentucky.

A: You would not have to drive an hour and a half to go to a creation museum, if one was available locally. Schools would be more likely to bus kids 15 minutes for a quality museum and we are close to the junctions of I-75 and I-70 linking Columbus and Richmond and all of Western Ohio. Many people come here to visit the Dayton Air Force Museum, the largest free attraction in the state, with 1.2 million visitors a year.  It would compliment and be supportive in its efforts. Further, think how many "Naturalistic" zoos and museums exist in the same area that compete with each other and them.

A: Paraphrasing Ken Ham when ARK started in 1995, AiG believes every state should have a major effort to influence their community. We will just be the first in this area and one of a system of such learning centers!

Q: Is this a good investment, considering that other museums are available?

A: Evolutionists think their museums are very good investments. They have been very effective. They also believe you should just learn from them. These museuns have no competition in this arena of ideas about origins, and they present only their biased viewpoint.

Q: Wouldn't this just duplicate efforts?

A: It is supportive, not conflicting. Ours would have a different theme and focus as well as location, yet have a synergistic effort. Our location would support Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, and points north.

Q: Who will be in charge of the ARK efforts?

A: The new ARK Founders Club group. This group will also be asked to assist in the planning process and the follow up activities. The current training is to build confidence and group skills. While anyone can participate, some will rise to the top to lead key activities.

It is also time to consider your financial role. ARK will have to raise the funds through all the means we can. Word of mouth is the best. It’s time to speak up.

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