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This page is the gateway to a feast of learning. It is the place to learn about knowledge from both a Biblical and scientific point of view. The physical facts of this world are supportive of Biblical history and we DON'T assume away God by definition, we keep a consistent priority on the Bible. We know science will change. In fact, the more they know, the closer they get to the unchanging God of the Bible. We think we just getting a head start. Check out the various sections as we build this virtual museum and see what you think.

If you would like to assist in this tremendious effort, write us at our Email or mail us a letter with your questions or comments. We are looking for people to provide support and to consider membership.

The links at the top are for various areas in this virtual museum. It's virtual because it doesn't exist in the physical world. We would like to make it exist in this physical world. The virtual museum is how we would like to fill a Biblical Creation Science museum build in the size and shape of Noak's Ark.

(NOTE: Answers in Genesis is currently doing this physical Ark build of wood to open in 2017 for its 1st phase.) An ARK sized building is not a small task. We need a lot of help from people and finances. Currently, there are NO major creation science museums in the world - NONE!!! The largest is only about 3000 sq ft. This structure, using the ancient cubit of about 22.9" and a basement for administration would be over 200,000 sq ft. While that will cost a lot for anyone, it is easily available if many people join together to support it financially.

The plan is to first get people interested and informed. Each section are great places to keep informed and get answers to your questions about the Bible or Science. From heroes worth knowing, to science without a one sided viewpoint (Evolution only), to learning about the ARK of the Bible, and so much more, you are about to "Go where no one is going anymore, the over looked secrets of the Universe -- God's Creation." Enjoy.

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