Sample Past Events of Interest to Biblical Creation Science.

Jul 31-Aug 1:, Holes Creek Gathering

May 20: Creation/Evolution Debate, The Church of Christ at Mountain View, Winchester, VA (540) 869-2244

May 20:* Michael Card Concert, Fairhaven Church.

May 10:* ARK Regular and Annual meeting. Summary and last of Christian American History Series.

May 8: Rediscover Creation Seminar at Fawcett Center, 2400 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus,OH

Apr 30: Dayton Resource and Curriculum Fair at Patterson Park Church, 1:00 - 8:00 p.m. The widest selection of Christian vendors in the Twenty-Five county area. More details every month.

Apr 23-24: Dr. Kent Hovind at Bible Baptist Church, Wapakoneta, OH, (419) 738-3099.

Apr 12:* ARK Regular meeting, part 3 on Christian History in America. Children's program on a worm disection class for ages 8-12 by Ruth Amos (preregistration required and limited to 20.)

Apr 5:* Jeff Mann, Dinosaur Program at Ascension Life Center, W Alexandria, OH, 7:00 pm.

Mar 15-21:* 1999 Institute in Basic Life Principles, Cedarville College.

Mar 8:* ARK Regular meeting, part 2 on Christian History in America.

Feb 20:* CHECC Curriculum Fair, Southgate Baptist Church, 2111 S Center Blvd, Springfield.

Feb 12:* ARK Board Meeting

Feb 8:* Prudent actions in preparation for Y2K and ARK Creation Clubs Review and Followup meeting. Review status of what has been done and what needs to be addressed to continue growth and address problems.

Jan 16:* Christian Mens Fellowship Breakfast, Wesley Methodist Church, POC: Darrell Friend, 696-2747.

Jan 11:* Cancelled for threatened ice storm.


Dec 14:* Presentation of a typical Creation Club meeting. Also having our annual Video Night for others and children (at least two other programs).

Dec 5-7: Dr. Kent Hovind at Eagledale Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN, (317) 291-4783.

Nov 12-14:* ARK participating in the National Missionary Convention in Cincinnati, OH.

Nov 9:* Starting a Creation Worldview Group in your Church! Children's Earthworm Lab, Nov 9 -- Limited class of 20.

Oct 28: Jeff Mann with Good Science presentation at Sugar Grove Bible Church (50 in attendence)

Oct 12-14:* Answers in Genesis, Florence, KY AiG seminar with Ken Ham at Faith Baptist Church, 4215 Indian Ripple Rd, Kettering, Exit 10 on I-675 at Indian Ripple Road.

Sept 30: Salem Christian Academy Chapel Presentation (240 in attendence)

Sept 14:* A teachers educational seminar suitable for everyone. Diana Fessler, 3rd district, Ohio State Board of Education Member, and special speaker for ARK on September 14. Bring a crowd and hear about the School to Work program and answers to how the school system is being changed.

Aug 26: AIG Pastors Breakfast with Ken Ham, call 258-8610 to reserve for your church leader.

Aug 26: Reservation Deadline: Aug 24, 9:00 a.m. -- Christian Leaders Meeting Reservations for the mini-seminar and breakfast with Ken Ham on Wed. Aug. 26, 8:15-10:15 a.m., at Mandalay Banquet Center, 2700 E River Rd, Dayton. Directions: I-75 to exit 50A (Dryden Rd); north on Dryden, left on Arbor, left on E. River Rd.

Aug 23*:* ARK presentation at Kettering Church of God, Young Married Group, on Unmasking the Deception of Evolution & Sharing the Gospel

Aug 10*:* Steve Hendrickson final presentations--Three public shows in one.

Aug 9-12*:* ARK at Hillboro Family Camp.

August 3-8: 4th ICC (International Conference on Creationism)

Jul 30*:* Good Science Program with Jeff Mann in Richmond, IN.

Jul 21*:* Dayton Planetarium Show, 17 participated.

Jul 13*:* A Brief Tour of the Heavens: What's Out There, and What Is It Doing? presented by Don Etz

Jun 25-27: ARK had a booth at Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO) Homeschool Convention, Veterans Memorial Hall, Columbus, OH

Jun 8:* ARK 3rd Annual Banquet, Speaker: AIG's Museum Director, Skip Tilton, on "The Creation Museum."

  • The ministry of Answers in Genesis (AiG) will be highlighted at the June 8 banquet of the Ark Foundation at Carillon Cafeteria.
  • Skip Tilton of AiG will talk about the controversial creation museum to be built just south of Cincinnati.
  • Tickets are $2/person or $4/Family. Meal NOT included in price! This keeps price to a minimum and allows you to plan without worrying about not being able to go and "wasteing" the ticket.
  • Pick your own menu & cost. Order Ala Carte OR the Special at $5.99 Any entree, vegetable, salad, desert, bread, butter, drink.
  • Room open 6:00; Dinner 6:30, at the Carillon Cafeteria, 2611 S. Dixie Hwy, 1/2 Mi. N of Dorothy Ln, Kettering OH, 299-9622.

May 29-30:* Answers in Genesis, Florence, KY AiG seminar with Ken Ham in Cincinnati.

May 16: George Washington featuring William A. Roy, Jr. on tour as The Father of our Country, May 16, 1997, 7:00 pm ,

May 31-Jun 1: Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs Seminar by Dr. Kent Hovind, Creation Science Evangelism at the First Baptist Church, Milford, OH. Church phone# is (513) 575-1705. This will be his last time in Ohio this year.

May 11:* Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. Call Office at Dayton New Covenant 224-4485 for tickets. Mrs Shirley Dobson will be a special guest.

May 11:* ARK Annual Business Meeting and speaker program of "The Impact of Darwinian thought on Biological Education," by Dan Scott (formerly a Wright State University teacher until he said it was OK to consider creation)

May 8: Dayton Resource & Curriculum Fair at Patterson Park Church from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. FREE Admission!

April 27-28: Dr. Kent Hovind, High Street Baptist Church at the corner of I270 & US 23, Columbus, Ohio (614) 888-5121
April 27: Dr. Kent Hovind,
Dayton Schools Assemblies

Apr 26: Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs Seminar by Dr. Kent Hovind, Creation Science Evangelism at the First Church of Christ, 441 Ledbetter Rd in Xenia, OH. Church phone# is (937) 372-7687. Schedule and map is in the Seminar link.

Apr 13:* Signs of the Zodiac with Ron Houser

Mar 21-26: The Institute in Basic Life Principles with Bill Gothard at Cedarville College in Cedarville, OH. Call 252-0001 for more details.

Mar 16: Dayton Christian Schools presentation in 9th grade Physical Science classes of a modified Completing the Picture presentation.

Mar 13-15: The ARK Foundation will participate in the Dayton Junk-A-Rama at the Dayton Convention Center. It's an indoor garage sale for us. Donations welcome!

Mar 9:* Dinosaurs in Genesis Steven W. Johnston. This program is a "10", don't miss it!

Mar 17: Good Science Program at the Troy Nazarene Church with the Miami County Christian Home Educators (CHEO)

Feb 13-14: Embracing the Truth Symposium, Enabling Christians to be Salt and Light. Registration is $10 for Adults and $5 for students. A complimentary lunch is included if registration is received by Feb 9. Sponsored by the Christian Impact Group at the Plainfield Christian Church at 800 Dan Jones Rd. in Plainfield, IN. 46168, (317-839-2384. Please, NO PHONE REGISTRATIONS! Walk-in registration allowed without lunch provided.

Feb 9:* The Bible Chronology, Part 2 by Dr. Charles E. Brewster

Jan 22, 7:30 pm
Commemoration of Life Community Service at Fairhaven Church, 637 E. Whipp Rd. (at Whipp and Marshall). This is the 25th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Keynote speaker is Gregg Cunningham, Executive Director of the Center for Bioethical Reform.

Jan 12:* ARK "State of the Foundation" or "What Is the Foundation of Our State?"


Dec 19:Friday: Creation vs Evolution Debate ON FIRING LINE

December 8:* Video Night. ARK's most popular program. Link has complete program for this enjoyable family night.

Dec 6: ARK is being paid to wrap presents for shoppers at the Salem Mall on Saturday, December 6. Volunteers call 258-8610.

Nov 16: International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Nov 10:* The Bible Chronology, How Long Is It? by Dr. Charles E. Brewster

Nov 9: 11:00, Laurel Chapel Christian Church, London, KY, "Can We Really Know How Old The Earth Is?" Directions: I75 exit 38 west 2 miles on right.

Oct 29: 6:30, Wayside Christian Church, Berea, KY, "Can We Really Know How Old The Earth Is?" Directions: I75 new exit 77, east 1/4 mile past RR to first left, go 1/4 mile.

Nov 7-9: Dr. John Whitcomb,
co-author with Dr. Henry Morris of "The Genesis Flood"
will be at the Centerville Grace Brethren Church.
The ARK Foundation HIGHLY RECOMMENDS your planning to attend as many of his presentations as possible! Their book was the start of the modern creation science movement, using and knowing the facts of science as well, as the Bible, to defend the Bible and show the problems with naturalist evolutional thought.

Oct 26: Pleasant Hill Church, Union, IN. "Can We Know the Age of the Earth?"

Oct 21: 7:00, Clark County Home School Group (CHECC), ARK Puppet Show, at Word of Faith, Springfield.

Oct 13: 7:00, Teaching Creation Science with Beth Yada homeschoolers at Middletown YMCA.

Oct 13:* "Sons of God, Daughters of Men--Giants or Aliens" or "The Giants of Genesis & The Seed of the Woman" by Steven Johnston.

Oct 8: 6:00-7:30, Crestview Baptist Church AWANA Group, K-3 & 4-6 programs on The Age of the Earth.

Sept 28-29: Dr. Kent Hovind, of Creation Science Evangelism, will be at Suburban Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN. (850) 479-3466, FAX(850) 479-8562. Excellent and entertaining lecturer.

Sept 28: Life Chain, 2:00-3:30, call (937)236-LIFE (5433) for more info.

Sept 25: TEACH home school group, K-12, Can We Really Know How Old The Earth Is?, Faircreek Church, Fairborn, 1:15-2:30 pm.

Sept 20: ARK at Salem Mall 10 am til 9 pm.

Sept 19: Large Multi-family Garage Sale fund raiser from 8 to 5 at 2958 Miramar Dr., Beavercreek. Contact us by Email for more information about unsold items or for next years sale. High quality items, one day only. Come early. Sample Items: Computers, clothing, household, books, CDs, furniture, glassware, etc.

Sept 16: PEACH home school group, Good Science Workshop and Completing The Science Picture, Calvary Baptist Church, Xenia, 7:00 pm. Attendence was very good, with over 190 people in the 2 programs.

Sept 11: Moss BUNCH home school group, An Overview of History: Creation, Fall, Flood, and Babel. This presentation emphasized understanding asking the right questions as well as understanding the early history of this world. Biblical and scientific evidence, as well as logic are part of this quick overview. 75 minutes. (Cooper/Passage)

September 8:* "Let's Talk About Light" by Pamela VanHoose: a talk especially for parents and their teenagers.

August 21, 7:00 p.m.: "The Grand Canyon & the VanAndle Research Center" by Tom Foltz: East 91st Street Christian Church, Rm. C-05, Indianapolis, IN, Indiana Creation Science Association, (mailing address, 1834 Cornerbrook Ct, 46240-1900).

August 17, 1:30 p.m.: Sophia's Unfaithful Lovers Cable Channel 23 Sophia is short for philosophy and this presentation is about a book by the same name. True Philosophy is the Wisdom of God personified in Scripture. Call or write, Scriptural Foundations, with your comments or questions.

August 17, 7:00 p.m.: Is Science in Conflict with Religion? Come hear a fascinating lecture and discussion with Dr Earle Fox, at WPAFB Chapel Three (Page Manor). Free to the public.

August 11:* Ed Phillips, a chemistry and physics teacher at Ridgeville Christian School, Springboro, Ohio will present a modern up-to-date talk on the topic, "12 Billion Years or 6 Days." Summary of Presentation

Aug 12-14: ARK at Family Camp, Hillsboro, OH.

August 8: ARK presented the "Good Science Workshop", at Christian Tabenacle, Newport, KY for their children's program.

July 14: 7:00pm "God's Electrons and Atoms" This KIDS oriented program will use a Van de Graff generator to demonstrate the excitement of God's electrons and atoms. Kids program on Dinosaurs is also scheduled. This and all regular ARK meetings are held at Bethany Church of Christ, 2755 E. Stroop Rd, Kettering, Ohio. All regular meeting are the second Monday of the month. Speaker: Mr. Doug Wilder Summary of presentation:

July 4-6: We Hold These Truths...A Celebration of Freedom! 7:00 pm nightly. A program showing the struggle and accomplishments of our 16th President. Featuring Abraham Lincoln and Liberty Ensemble. First Church of Christ, 441 Ledbetter Rd, Xenia 372-7687.

June 30 - July 9: Public access TV showing of last half of "The Young Age of the Earth" and commentary by ARK. Continental North; June 30 and July 7 at 9:30 pm; July 2 and 9 at 5:30 pm. Continental South on June 30 at 5:30 pm; CATV on July 1, time unknown, check local listing.
Decision 98, complete online Voters Guide for the November 3rd election. Diana Fessler, 3rd district, Ohio State Board of Education Member. See why she's on our side. Special Event: Answers In Genesis Dayton Seminar, Oct 12-14, Faith Baptist Church. Total attendence 6506

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