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April 26 Seminar by Dr. Kent Hovind on
"Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs"

Dr. Kent Hovind, of Creation Science Evangelism is, in the opinion of the ARK Foundation, one of the 5 top English speaking Creation Science speakers in the WORLD. This seminar is a MUST SEE EVENT. It is the first time, we know of, he has been in the area in his 8 years on the speaking circuit. This is a mini seminar, there is not time for the complete 13 hour seminar. If this one is successful, the complete one will be scheduled, but it may be more than a year to get back on his schedule. A free will offering will be taken.
Where: First Church of Christ,
441 Ledbetter Rd in Xenia,
OH. Church phone# is (937) 372-7687
Nursery will be provided, birth thru Kindergarden. Map to First Church of Christ, Xenia
When: Apr 26 from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Cost: Free will offering will be taken.
Seminar Schedule
9:15 What Does the Bible Say? (During S.S.), A public school presentation
1:00 Early arrival video
1:30 Welcome and Introduction
1:40 The Age of the Earth.
2:50 The Garden of Eden
4:00 Dinosaurs and the Bible
5:00 Dinner Break
5:50 Special Extra Presentation/Video
6:30 Evening Introduction
6:40 What Is In the Textbooks? - Part 1
7:50 What Is In the Textbooks? - Part 2
Co-Sponsored by The ARK Foundation of Dayton, 258-8610.
The Complete Video Series by Dr. Kent Hovind, with descriptions. Top

  1. What Does the Bible Say?
  2. The Age of the Earth.
  3. Dinosaurs and the Bible
  4. Leviathan: Fire-Breathing Dragon
  5. What Is In the Textbooks?
  6. Evolution, Foundation For Communism
  7. The Hovind Theory
  8. Question & Answer Session
  1. What Does the Bible Say? Public School Presentation. Dr. Hovind talks about dinosaurs and the age of the earth in an actual public school with no mention of God or the Bible.

  2. The Age of the Earth.. The Bible indicates the Universe was created in six literal days about 6,000 years ago. Could this be true? Can it be scientifically proven that the universe is not "billions of years old"? Did the people really live over 900 years before the flood? How? Did dinosaurs live with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden? Are the public school textbooks teaching children evolution as a fact? Did man come from an apelike ancestor? What about the "big bang"? Why is there suffering in this world? How can evolution be refuted scientifically? Hear the answers to these questions and many more on this subject.

  3. Dinosaurs and the Bible. Did you know dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible? Are we being told the truth about the dinosaurs? Nearly all public schools textbooks teach that dinosaurs lived "millions of years ago"; however, on this two-hour video, Dr. Kent Hovind shows that dinosaurs did NOT live millions of years ago, but have always lived with man. He explains how dinosaurs were in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, on the ark with Noah, and were hunted by man after the flood to the point of extinction for most species, Dr. Hovind also shows amazing evidence that a few small ones may still be alive in various parts of the world today!

  4. Leviathan: Fire-Breathing Dragon. Is it possible that there was an animal that breathed fire? Scoffers have ridiculed the Bible for years over its story of a "fire-breathing dragon." Learn the truth on this video by Dr. Kent Hovind. Also, see why God used dinosaurs to help Job get a new outlook oh life and to expose one of the greatest and most common problems people deal with today.

  5. What Is In the Textbooks? "What is in the textbooks?" Are public school science students being taught false information? Could it be that the humanists are using the public school system to prepare students for their "new world order?" This presentation shows how textbook authors use outdated and false information to support the evolution theory. Every public school student, teacher or school board member needs to see this.

  6. Evolution, Foundation For Communism. What difference does it make whether you believe in creation or evolution? Did the theory of evolution play any part in starting World Wars I & II? How does evolution relate to Communism, Socialism, Nazism, abortion, liberalism, and the New Age movement? How and why did the theory of evolution become so popular so quickly in the 1800's? Did Darwin really start this crazy theory that controls our schools today? How do scientists tell the age of fossils and rocks? What "evidences for evolution" will students face in their textbooks and what is the creationist's answer to these so-called evidences? In this two-hour video Dr. Hovind answers all these questions and many more.

  7. The Hovind Theory. If the entire world flooded in the days of Noah, where could that much water have come from and where did it go? Where does the ice age fir into the Bible? Did it really take millions of years to form Grand Canyon as the textbooks teach students, or could the flood have formed Grand Canyon in a few days? What phenomena occurred to freeze thousands of mammoths? What about Pangea and continental drift? Of what geological significance was the Mt. St. Helens eruption to support the creationist's view? Hear Dr. Kent Hovind answer these questions and many more on this presentation.

  8. Question & Answer Session. Did God create the birds on day three out of the water as recorded in Genesis chapter 1 or did He make them out of the ground on day 6 as recorded in Genesis chapter 2? How does carbon dating work? If the universe is only six to seven thousand years old, how did the light from stars billions of light years away get here? What is Bigfoot? Where did the races of man come from? This two-hour video has Dr. Kent Hovind's answer to these and a host of other questions.

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