Dayton Answers In Genesis 1998
Faith Baptist Church
October 12-14, 1998 (Monday-Wednesday)
Sponsored by The ARK Foundation of Dayton, Faith Baptist Church, and WCDR Radio.
Attendence Figures - 6506 total
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Evenings 1300+ 1144 907
K-6 . 2475 .
7-12 . 680 .
Location Schedule Speakers Volunteers Costs
Register at the door. Limited Parking, car pooling or bus loads strongly advised!
Faith Baptist Church
4215 Indian Ripple Road
Dayton, OH 45440
Directions: I-675 to Indian Ripple Rd., exit 10; church is visible on the east.

NOTE: (1) Dinosaur display on exhibit Monday and Tuesday: (2) Buddy Davis performs his music Monday and Tuesday; (3) SPECIAL GUEST (Tues.): Archaeologist Gary Byers of the Associates for Biblical Research!
Session One: Monday (ages 10 - up)
5:30 doors open, registration
6:05 Film: From A Frog to A Prince
6:30 Gospel Music with Buddy Davis
6:55 - 8:05 Ken Ham: Can We really Trust the Bible? -- Defending Scripture in a "Scientific" Age
8:30 - 9:20 Ken Ham: Genesis and the Origin of "Races"
Student Meetings Tuesday
Grades K-6 Student Meeting FREE
9:30 -11:00 Ken Ham: Dinosaurs, Genesis and the Gospel & Dinosaur film!
Jr High and Sr High Meeting FREE
1:00 - 2:30 Dr. Gary Parker: Teaching Students Right Science! & Noah's Flood film!
Seminar Session 2: Tuesday (ages 13 and up)
5:30 doors open, registration
6:05 Film: The Fossil Record
6:30 Gospel Music with Buddy Davis
6:55 - 8:00 Ken Ham: The Scopes Trial and Restoring Biblical Truths in a Comproming Church and Society!
8:20 - 9:15 Gary Byers (SPECIAL Guest Archaeologist): The Top Three Archaeology Discoveries that Confirm the Bible!
Creation Adventure Workshop #1: Tuesday (ages 8 - 12)
6:50 - 9:20 CAW Program #1
Seminar Session 3: Wednesday (ages 13 and up)
6:00 doors open, registration
6:20 Film: The World That Perished
6:55 - 8:00 Dr. Gary Parker: Genes & Genesis
8:20 - 9:15 Dr. Gary Parker: The Grand Canyon and God's Word
Creation Adventure Workshop #2: Wednesday (ages 8 - 12)
6:50 - 9:20 CAW Program #2

Ken Ham1995 Interview Creation, Evolution & Morality
Dr. Gary Parker1995 InterviewA Case for Creation
Mrs. Mary Parker1995 InterviewCreation Adventure Workshop Leader
Buddy DavisSong writer, Singer, ArtistMon/Tues Singer
Gary ByersArchaeologistSpecial Guest Speaker on Wednesday

Committee Volunteers
Coordinator positions Volunteer Phone#
Chairman Ron Cooper 256-ARKY
Co-Chairman Gary Favor 426-6480
Co-Chairman Tom Holtz Sr. 439-2000
Church Jim Williams 439-3834
Telephone Brenda Cooper 256-ARKY
Publicity Pamela VanHoose 256-ARKY
Prayer Ron Cooper 256-ARKY
Facilities Claude Akers 426-6480
Equipment Bob Honeycut 426-6480
Student Meeting Frank Young 252-3476
Home Schoolers Sandy Kilcoyne 256-ARKY
Workshop 256-ARKY
Volunteers Jim & Patti Barnett 833-6696
Please Email us if you would like to assist any committee in organizing for this major event.
The student meetings on Tuesday are free. General seminar sessions cost as follows:
Come part-time or full-time!SingleFamily*Student/**
Sr. Citizen
Entire Seminar$20$30$10
Each Session (3)$8$12$4
*Parent(s) and dependent children
**Full-time student/senior citizen 55 years or older.
Workshop: $10 per child, which is in addition to the full-time family seminar fee.

Information: 937/256-ARKY (2759)

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