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Creation Clubs,
Sponsor Letters
Sept 27

September 27, 1998

Dear Creation Club Sponsor/Mentor:

Please read this letter carefully. It includes instructions for ordering the X-Nito Files and other free materials for your club's use.

I want to thank you for your commitment to this Bible-defending and Gospel-proclaiming ministry! As a former teacher, I count it a privilege to assist you in equipping the Christian young people in your school through this bold and challenging outreach! I am excited that you are willing to mentor a student-led Creation Club in your school.

An integral part of this outreach will be the distribution of a free monthly newsletter -- The X-Nilo Files -- created especially for middle school/high school students. It will expose the evolutionary agenda "one file at a time." This newsletter can also be used by Christian students as a witnessing tool to their classmates. The X-Nilo Files will feature provocative articles on issues confronted by students in their classes and will rebut evolutionary teaching found in most science textbooks and in the weekly publications students receive.

Another vital part of the outreach will be the monthly video that will be available for your club's use. This video should be shown as many times and in as many places as possible (both on campus and off) in order to educate and bolster the faith of club members and challenge unbelievers. The videos will contain information that exposes the false assumptions of the secular humanist/evolutionary worldviews.

Your club will also be able to receive free materials (i.e. booklets, tracts, the X-Nilo Files) each month. These materials will cover a wide spectrum of ideas. Some are: "Is there really a God?", "Were did Cain get his wife?", the personal testimony of a former atheist and evolutionist, and information on the major categories of scientific evidence for special creation, including information on fossils and how to explain them. We will also (from time to time) make gifts available for the teachers in your school.

In order for these materials/videos to arrive at your school in a timely manner, a "response card" will be included each month with the club materials. That card will serve as the order form for the next month's materials. You will have to fill it out and mail it back to AiG. We would appreciate it if you would include any testimonies or comments/suggests with the order form.

Carefully read over the legal information provided by the Christian Law Association (CLA) in their booklet, "Do Christians Students have any Rights in the Public Schools?" This will help answer any legal questions you may have! Not knowing your rights is like not having them. That is why we have provided this enlightening booklet for your club.

Included in this package is a copy of Creation magazine. This is the first of four issues you, as the club mentor, will receive (as a gift from Answers in Genesis). We pray it will be a blessing to you and those you with whom you share it!!

If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail or by phone (606.727.2222 ext. 405).

The Answers in Genesis web-site is a powerful tool the club can use. It has lots of information covering a wide range of topics. I suggest you check it out. The address on the web is:

We thank you and trust that you will work as unto the Lord at this exciting outreach. Thank you for your interest and dedication in this important ministry.

Because of Christ,

Kurt H. Streutker
Creation Evangelism and Outreach

Note: Questions will probably be responded to more rapidly if you can e-mail me (due to the number of phone calls I receive each day). Please include your telephone number with your e-mail so if the question does necessitate a phone call, I can contact you in that manner.


  • Response card
  • CLA booklet
  • Creation magazine (Vol. 20: issue 4)
  • AiG Catalog
  • Relevance of Creation tape
  • The Answers Book
  • A Question of Origins (Video)
  • X-Nilo Files - 25 newsletters
  • What's Wrong with Progressive Creation?
  • Hugh Ross Fact Sheet
  • Outreach Material: 25 copies of "Is There Really a God?"
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