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Dear Club Leader:

Thank you for requesting an Infopak about the Answers in Genesis Creation Clubs (middle through high school). We have been overwhelmed and overjoyed with the number of responses.

Since we announced that we were starting these clubs, AIG has received many questions:

  1. How often should the meetings be held? Normally, club meetings are held weekly, but that decision would be up to the sponsor/mentor. AiG recommends a weekly meeting.
  2. Can this be part of an already-existing Christian club? Yes. We will come alongside and provide faith-building materials for the students and information for distribution on your campus.
  3. Can home-school support groups sponsor a club? By all means. But keep in mind that the focus of these groups will be on the relevance of creation. We would expect each official home-school group to already have scheduled meetings in order to accomplish this objective.
  4. Can a Christian school form a Creation Club? Yes. Knowledge of Biblical apologeties is vital. You see, many Christian young people will be attending secular colleges where they will encounter secular humanism and evolution -- frontal attacks on their faith.
The goal of this club outreach is creation evangelism -- to enable you and your students to boldly proclaim the Creation/Gospel message as the Apostle Paul did on Mars Hill (Acts 17).

Our youth are being bombarded daily with evolutionary humanism. One of AiGs purposes is to equip Christian students with useful and provocative information that will bolster their faith and challenge their non-Christian friends with the Gospel. These clubs will be outposts to proclaim the authority of Scripture in a usually hostile environment. That is why each club will need a strong Christian leader (sponsor/mentor) to conduct meetings and maintain the direction of the club.

We have included several items that we request you read. These are:

Once you have read these items and believe that God is leading you to sponsor (mentor/lead) a Creation Club, please answer the questions on the application form and return it to me in the envelope provided.

Thank you again for your interest in this exciting new outreach!

Because of Christ,

Kurt H Streutker
Outreach Coordinator
September 10, 1998

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Schedule of Activities

Results (12/15/98): AIG has 67 registered Creation Clubs that are using the following programs. Each month they must signup for the next monthís materials in sequence. The month will vary if they start at a later time frame.
Month & Theme Video Outreach Material
October Rights of Students A Question of Origins Is There Really a God?
November Scopes Trial & Inherit the Wind. The Scopes Monkey Trial - Ham Evidence for Special Creation
December Catastrophism Mt. St. Helens 1)Teachers Christmas gift: Stones & Bones 2) Voice from the Volcano
January What is Science? Parker: What is Science? 1) From Evolution to Creation -or-The Evolution Conspiracy 2) Parkerís: Testimony Tract
February Stones & Bones: Facts and Bias Facts & Bias - Ham Where did Cain get his Wife?
March Is Evolution a Religion? Simple Tools for Brain Surgery Bill Jack: Are you taking a ride?
April Dinosaurs in History The X-Nilo Show Dinos & the Bible
May FOSSILS and the FLOOD The Fossil Record Eden: Guide to Transitional Fossils
June-August Summer Challenge NA NA

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